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Well, Shoujocon was fun, if pink. Very pink. Very very pink. And that's about all I'll say about that.

Still have houseguests from Shoujocon and the like, so this is going to be a quick update. They're watching Evangelion behind me. Loudly. Dubbed. Oh, God, I don't know how anyone can watch dubbed anime. I really don't.

Next entry in the "stalk the RPGamer fanfiction editor" game: I'll be at Otakon in Baltimore the second weekend in August, so if anyone sees a blue-haired woman wearing a Technomancy t-shirt, come say hi. I don't bite, I promise. Unless asked nicely, and even then, probably not.

A quick side plea, since I'm sure you're all sick of seeing it in the Notes from Fanfic Land. The guidelines are on the upper right corner, over -----> there. READ THEM. All of us are starting to lose our patience with people who don't bother reading the guidelines before they submit; if you want your story to have a chance of being accepted, READ THE GUIDELINES FIRST. YES. I'M SHOUTING. READ THEM ANYWAY.

Notes From Fanfic Land

I know that we tell a lot of people to use Microsoft Word's "Save As HTML" feature, but please, if you happen to be using Word 2000, it would save us a lot of time if you just put in the tags yourself by hand rather than letting Word do it. Word messes up HTML so badly that it often takes me up to half an hour on a single fic file to clean it up. It's really simple; <I> for italics, </I> for end italics, <P> at the beginning of a paragraph, and </P> at the end of a paragraph. There are a bunch of good HTML tutorials out there, and the less I have to do to your fic to clean it up, the sooner it'll be posted. Also, if you don't need special formatting such as bold and italic, sending your fic as .txt is also quite acceptable, as my text editor will put in the tags for me.

And as a side note: yes, we are considering submissions for the Final Fantasy movie, as RPGamer provided coverage for it. Just to try and stem the flood of email we've been getting. I've also updated the guidelines to include a new policy that we've been forced to add: no songfics. This is mostly due to copyright issues and average quality of the genre.

Writing Tip of the Week

Be willing to take feedback. On a lot of mailing lists I'm on, writers post their stories and only want praise -- and then they get upset when people give them feedback on how to improve. Always be willing to accept that someone else might be able to offer a fresh viewpoint on how you can improve your stories -- and always be willing to take constructive criticism without getting upset that someone critiqued your story. Feedback is a rare and precious thing; don't stifle someone who likes your story enough to want to help improve it.

Alanna "saw my first angel and it was you"

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New Fan Fiction - July 18, 2001
I let a giant robot choose the fanfic this week. If you've got a problem, go see Unit 01.
A Piece of Me
By: Calis Cheah
(Xenogears) Set in the "Shadows Falling" universe that Calis and Amber Michelle have created, this is a stunning Xenogears epic.
I Owe "Them" Something
By: Christopher K. Winn
(Final Fantasy Tactics) This is the story of Beowulf's life before joining Ramza, with a few shades of classic epic poetry thrown in for good measure.
Sins of the Father
By: Cloud
(Final Fantasy 7) An odd and poignant look at Cloud's life well before the game.
Into the Darkness
By: Valvados
(Final Fantasy 4) A twisted and creepy look into Kain's thoughts and deeds, with a little bit of insanity and a whole lot of backstory.
Stacked Deck
By: Graham S. Johnson
(Persona 2) A character fic about Guido, in which cards are used as metaphor. Familiarity with the Tarot is helpful, but not required.