Fan Fiction - July 9th, 2003
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Soo...righto. Two months have gone by and it's once again time to do the 'fic thing'.

Greetings! I'm Niki. Some of you guys may already know of me. I've been sitting happily on the lower right hand corner of this page for months, reviewing fanfics. Hey! Lookit me! Priestess of Everything Dew! Yes, that one. I'll be handling this section for a while, eagerly devouring your fanfiction and being generally way too perky while doing it.

I won't bore you with too many details about me, since I've been introduced before. I'm a 24 year old college graduate who struggles with getting into graduate school by day, works as a teacher's aide by the afternoon, and becomes a swashbuckling super-heroine with pearly white teeth by night.


Okay, so I lied about the last one.

So what's expected of you guys here now that there's a new person around? Honestly, not much. When in doubt about anything, be sure to read the guidelines. More than likely it's there, and I don't accept answers like, "Well, I didn't know it was in the guidelines, I'm sorry!". Sadly, ignorance doesn't quite work around here. Thankfully, the guidelines aren't that complicated to follow! Also keep in mind that the reviewers at RPGamer can't actually review your fics and give you feedback, BUT, the RPGFFML will satisfy your needs.

Enough chitter-chatter. Let's get to the fics.

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New Fan Fiction - July 9th, 2003
And so, our first summer update begins with five fics ranging from angst, to plain weirdness, to romantic entanglements, and even fuzzy animals. Enjoy!
Silver Rose: Lights and Shadows
By: Reno Spiegel
(Final Fantasy 7) It's a Sepiroth and Aeris fic...but it's nothing like what you're expecting. Fresh, and pretty dang original, it's a must read. Be warned though, it has a some adult language and situations. Just a heads up.
One Fine Day We'll Fly Away
By: Mage
(Final Fantasy 7) A sweet pre-game fic focusing on the childhoods of Cid and Shera. It revolves around their family lives, and how they met in the first place.
The Mercenary in a SeeD
By: Masquerade
(Final Fantasy 8) A fic that gives the reader a lovely 'what-if' scenario: How would a SeeD feel if he or she lost the stomach for the profession? One Seed answers that very question--and it's all because of one child.
Falling Forever
By: Luna Manar
(Final Fantasy 8) Luna Manar returns once again with another wonderfully written Final Fantasy 8 fic, this time focusing on Squall's thoughts and emotions while Rinoa is in a coma.
My Animals
By: Kailyssa Lockheart
(Suikoden 2) And to finish off the update, a short, yet utterly adorable fic about everyone's favorite animal keeper, Yuzu.