Gypsy Lady July 8, 2006

Sorry for the wait on the contest results, I was stuck with very sketchy internet access all last week and was unable to update! Without any further ado, our First Place winner is nebroadwe's Ivory Gate. Second Place went to Mikkeneko's In Living Memory. Many thanks to our judges scyllaadell, Karlinn, sithwitch13, and Roku!

Our new contest is Sympathy for the Devil. All fics for this contest must be written about the villain of a game. (Thanks to Karlinn for the idea for the theme!) The contest opens Monday, July 10th and entries are due Friday, August 18th. Send your entries to with [CONTEST] in the header. All fanfics must meet the usual submission guidelines. You may submit a fanfic you have already written that has not been archived on RPGamer yet. The judging method will be determined by the number of fics entered.

Send any RPG fanfics you have to Remember, I always send an email to tell you if I received your fic. If you don't get that notification email, then resend the fic to

nebroadwe and Mikkeneko, your banners are here:

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Ivory Gate
By: nebroadwe
Fullmetal Alchemist
Edward Elric stood at the window of his bedroom and stared down at the silent street. The lamps were lit, brightening the sidewalk with interlocking circles of safe passage, but no one walked beneath them. All but one of the windows of the Miethaus opposite were dark; he had been watching the lights go out, flat by flat, for the past half hour. This was a working-class district: people rose early and did their business while the sun shone. Only cats and students, Alfons Heiderich had often remarked, were awake past nine in this neighborhood. (Some movie spoilers)

In Living Memory
By: Mikkeneko
Fullmetal Alchemist
A young boy finds himself tangled up in the past he didn't know he had.

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