Fan Fiction - 5th July, 2002
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New Fan Fiction - July 5th, 2002
Six pieces of fanfiction for you all today, ladies and gentlemen, comprising a whopping 1.6Mb of html file. Enjoy.
A Wyndian Princess and
Beating That
By: Mintbaby
(Breath of Fire 3) Mintbaby does it again with this pair of Breath of Fire 3 fics - wonderfully told romance stories with fantastic pacing and characterization. Incredibly cute and cuddly, and so gripping I didn't stop reading once. Absolutely fantastic.
Gods and Monsters
By: Greer Shlivandas
(Final Fantasy 10) An intriguing fic on Al Bhed culture and backstory set as a folklore lecture. A very nice idea indeed, and splendidly executed.
Life and Loss
By: Shira Anne
(Final Fantasy Tactics) Shira returns with a slightly different perspective than that of 'Mercenary Soul', but still just as good. Shira has FFT down pat: if you at all like the game, read this.
You Never Know
By: Wallwalker
(Valkyrie Profile) Wallwalker gives us the sweeter side of Badrach in this slightly bittersweet tale, taking the relatioship between the thief and his landlady and elaborating on it superbly. Definitely worth a look.
High Noon
By: Al Kristopher
(Final Fantasy 8) Al returns with another refreshingly original piece - the story of FF8 told as a spaghetti western! Definitely check it out, it's a lot better than that small summary may make it sound, and one of the most original FF8 retellings I've seen.