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A lot's happened to me, recently. My father practically disowned me this month, followed by my grandmother dying just last weekend, with the funeral having just been this week. Add to this illness, angst, near-clinical depression and my father continuing to guilt trip me for the weeks beyond, add a dash of extremely annoying housemates and a pinch of nearly having to pay $10,000 a year I wasn't expecting to, and you have the recipe for near-constant migraines. Oh, wait. Had them too.

Nevertheless. Life goes on, and from time to time even improves a little. And I wouldn't change a single thing. Although being able to instantaneously catch up on everything I've got to catch up on would be nice.

The reason I wouldn't want a thing to change is that despite my father and I bickering, I am still doing exactly that which /I/ want to do. I'm sure of my path, and I'm sure it's what I want to do. And to all of you out there in Internet Land, remember this - don't ever let anyone tell you what to do. Don't let anyone try to mould you into what /they/ want you to be. Always make sure that you're doing what you want to do, and don't take any stick from anyone who tries to stop you from doing what you feel you should be doing.

Bear in mind, though, that this comes with an automatic second piece of advice. Always be /sure/ that what you're doing is what you want to do. Part of the reason all this business with my father started is that I realised, halfway through my first year of university, that I really didn't want to study Maths anymore. I dropped out, I figured out for certain what I wanted to study, and now I feel a lot better.

And now, onto happier thoughts. First and foremost, this fanfic reviewer needs a little stress relief and a fair amount of ranting about RPGs. After some thought, I've come up with a possible idea, which I'm going to relate to you all. Calling all you English RPGamers and Fanfic Writers! If you're interested in having a huge big get-together - preferably in Birmingham but potentially in London if needed - to have a drink, enjoy ourselves and generally get incredible amounts of RPG fans and writers in one single room somewhere - contact me, at or and we'll see what we can all come up with. Just imagine the potential chaos, if someone threw a pad of paper or a laptop in there too.

Secondly, go to to read a webcomic that isn't necessarily funny, but rather sets out to tell a story. With, might I add, kick-ass art and great writing. And a giant spatula, of course.

Notes From Fanfic Land

From Alanna: If we get one more submission from people who haven't read the guidelines, I will personally drive to your house and bite your face. PEOPLE. The guidelines are there for a reason. We put them there so that we don't get ten thousand stories that we can't use. We're not doing this to be mean; any fiction market will have guidelines. If your story doesn't meet the guidelines, all you're going to get will be a politely worded letter pointing you to the guidelines. Why don't you save us all some trouble and read them first? That's why they're on every update.

Writing Tip of the Week

Look up. Way up, to my pieces of advice in the intro. Do what you want to do. Someone tells you that Vyse - Gilder fanfiction, say, isn't feasible? Who /cares/? If you want to write it, go right ahead. Just be certain that it's what you /want/ to write - writing something you don't want to will mean you'll be forcing it, and it'll turn out worse than it could be.

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New Fan Fiction - July 4th, 2001
This Update's Fics brought to you by the letters "Tax Rebate" and "Council Tax Notice", the number Pi, and a Sesame-Street related rimshot pun.
Dream of Red and Yellow
By: Kamarile
(Final Fantasy 6) See Gogo. See Gogo Be Intentionally Confusing. See Gogo Be The Best He's Ever Been Characterized. A stunning portrayal, and a very good fic. Enjoy.
Toledo Blade
By: Cloud
(Final Fantasy 7) Original Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction! While not something you expect to see, it is nonetheless cheering when it comes along, and is both a welcome surprise and a cautionary lesson.
The King's Pawn
By: Matthew Liam Smith
(Final Fantasy 4) The Final Fantasy fanfiction continues with this piece of very descriptive introspection. A fine piece of work. As a bonus, behold the second really cool email address of this update.
The First Watch
By: Luna Manar
(Final Fantasy 8) A very good look at Squall's feelings and motivations within Ultimecia's castle, and another great piece from Luna Manar.
The Mage's Mother
By: Jamie Crothall
(Final Fantasy 9) To round off the Final Fantasy crop today, comes a fic that is both very well written and chillingly thought-provoking. Read, and feel that shiver go up your spine. But it's a /good/ shiver.