Fan Fiction - June 24th, 2004
Updater on Duty: ketsugi
Sanji wants his lollipop.

Today's update comes to you completely courtesy of Catherine Rain. An excellent trilogy of stories based on the world and characters of Final Fantasy IV, these fics are a beautiful read and will make you want to play the game again.

For those of you worried about the seeming downward trend of number of fics... don't worry. :)

There still seems to be quite a bit of space here since the bar on the right is so long... so what should I put here to fill it up? Lucca used to give writing tips; while I have written some fanfics myself, I hardly feel qualified to give any sorts of pointers whatsoever.

However, I do feel it is necessary to reiterate a few things, based on some of the fics we've received of late... please please please remember to check spelling and grammar in your prose and poetry (though grammar may be less important in poetry)! I cannot express to you how turned off I am by poor spelling and grammar, and I am far more likely to delete a fic on sight if I see such travesty in your story. Also, do read through the submission guidelines. One rule that I would specifically like to bring to your attention has to do with submission formats. Please note that we only accept text and html submissions. Some of you have been sending us Word documents; we will not accept these.

Thank you for bearing with me and I hope you have an enjoyable time reading Catherine's fan fiction.

Joel Pan

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New Fan Fiction - June 24th, 2004
Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Ps 90:12)
By: Catherine Rain
(Final Fantasy IV) Rydia has been wary of fire since her childhood. Now she must face the fire-breathing dragon Bahamut in battle in order to help her friends. In the midst of figuring out truths about herself, she must confront her deepest phobia-- on her way to her deepest fear.
To the Moon and Back
By: Catherine Rain
(Final Fantasy IV) Since the events in Zot, Rosa and Kain have been on shaky ground. While Cecil longs to forgive his best friend, Rosa fears him. Rydia tries to act as go-between to patch up her friends' misunderstandings, but finds she has problems of her own.
1000 Gems
By: Catherine Rain
(Final Fantasy IV) One year after the victory over Zeromus, Rosa and Cecil have established a prosperous kingdom. But some of their allies have no home to return to. Lost to the creatures who raised her, Rydia needs to settle her feelings with the friends who survived the worst by her side.