Fan Fiction - 24th June, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's PS2: Gitaroo Man. I love Japanese, insane, rhythm-based games.
In TSG's Winamp: The Deus Ex OST. I can't wait for Deus Ex 2...

Well, that was fun.

Again, I'm really sorry about all the delays and I really don't mean to do this to you all. This week's main attraction has been my isp performing a major nation-wide upgrade which resulted in loss of connection for 8 hours, after they gave just 4 hours notice that they were going down. Then, my cable modem, which falls neatly into the 'cheerfully suicidal' category, bombs for another 12 hours because of IP conflicts.

Anyways, here we are, and to make up for it there's 6 absolutely fantastic fics this week and more to come. I direct your attention to the side bar, where the accept and pending numbers are waiting. Feel free to gape: I told ya we'd been getting an amazing amount of fantastic fanfiction, and there's the proof. The next few weeks look rosy indeed.

Updated: No, Uncle Pervy isn't fired. Just don't do updates on 20 hours awake and try to revert to an older template at the same time.

Notes from Fanfic Land

I'm testing something today, generally speaking how html-sensitive your clients are. A couple of the fics this update haven't been put into the html template in the normal way. If you get errors, give me a shout where and when it occurred. A shrunkdown or partial screen capture might help. If this experiment works, it should make the html-ling part of the update much faster, so I need your input.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Try to strike a nice balance between description and speech. While a 'talking-heads' fic - characters merely speaking back and forth - can feel clinical or forced, by the same token an overabundance of description can bog a paragraph down. Finding that balance can be tough, but will serve you well.

Alan "My brane herts..." Knight

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New Fan Fiction - June 24th, 2002
Six pieces of fanfiction for you all today, ladies and gentlemen, comprising a whopping 1.6Mb of html file. Enjoy.
Castles In The Sky
By: Ashbear
(Final Fantasy 8) Oh, /man/, I'm behind on this one. Meant to go up long ago, here at least is a great long fic from Ashbear. Definitely worth checking out, and I'm terribly sorry for leaving it so long. It got lost amidst my hard drive. Oops.
Of Damsels and Dragons
By: Mintbaby
(Final Fantasy 7) Depending on your opinion, you might not consider this a Final Fantasy 7 fanfic. But whether you do or not, read it, because Mintbaby has done it again and given us a wonderful piece of romantic fanfiction. Top notch.
Two Face
By: Al Kristopher
(Chrono Trigger) Al Kristopher rereturns, if that's even a word, with this unusual look at Flea, and an attempt to answer whether Flea is male or female. Very nicely written with a superb twist or two. Al continues to impress.
Spectres of the Past
By: Jason Connor
(Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger) Another piece of Fanfiction Section History as it were, this sparked off a lot of bad feeling when the first version barely didn't make it to accept. Well, this is the revised version and I find it very palatable indeed, so be sure to check it out.
Grief Of The Blue Sea
By: Oliver Chooi
(Sakura Wars 3) Here's a new one on me, I have to admit. While I've never played the game, I know the series to a small extent, and found this sweet, very well written fanfic took my fancy. Besides, I always squeal with delight whenever I get to add a new game to the archive page.
Ace of Spades
By: Luna Manar
(Final Fantasy 8) We end today with another fantastic Final Fantasy 8 fic from Luna, who once again gives us a sweet, yet somehow bitter fic about the two main protagonists. I wield my pointy stick and command you to read it, because it's another fantastic piece.