Fan Fiction - June 13th, 2004
Updater on Duty: ketsugi
I want cookies.

As I promised 2 weeks ago, I have an update for you today. Again today's update covers a wide variety of games, with another Valkyrie Profile fic, one from Phantasy Star Online, and the requisite Final Fantasy fics. I'd love to say more about them but you'd be better off just reading them for yourself.

I'd tell you about my personal life but I'd rather not waste space doing so. If you're really interested, click the banner below to head on over to my blog... the rest of you will benefit from the shorter space before the links to fics below.

One more thing before I end off: I'd just like to note that Worms 3D makes a really good party game.

Over and out.

Joel Pan

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New Fan Fiction - June 13th, 2004
When we were overwhelmed by sins, you forgave our transgressions. (Ps 65:3)
All I Can Do
By: Wallwalker
(Valkyrie Profile) A story about Nanami and Minayo before Minayo goes to find the Dragonbane, and the promises that the two sisters made to each other.
By: Laufingboy
(Phantasy Star Online) One of the game's missions as seen from the perspective of the NPC named Bernie.
Fat Lip
By: Steven Mayo
(Final Fantasy VIII) They say that we are the sum of our memories... take a look into Squall's memories leading up to the beginning of the game.
Kingdom of Children
By: Steven Mayo
(Final Fantasy VII) The doctor in Mideel, he is up to no good.