Fan Fiction - June 2nd, 2004
Updater on Duty: ketsugi
I could put a lot of random stuff here but I can't really be bothered to and you're not really going to read this anyway, so why should I bother?

It has now been just over 2 months since the last fan fiction update. The handover from Niki to me has not been entirely smooth, what with me having exams in April and Niki having real-life work (the horror!) to do. However, the bulk of the delay really has to do with my penchant for procrastination, and for this I must humbly apologise to you, dear readers. I fully understand, as one who used to be one of you, that a fan fic update is something greatly anticipated and hoped for each time you visit RPGamer, and I also know that no amount of apology can ever make up for the waiting you have had to endure.

I thank you for your patience and tolerance over the past few months. I would love to reward you today with a larger-than-normal update, but with the fic submission rate recently I fear that doing so would prevent me from providing a regular update. As things stand it seems I may have to abandon the "weekly update" idea (which, as I'm sure you've all noted, hasn't really been in effect over the last many many moons, anyway).

I can only encourage all the budding fan fiction authors out there to keep sending in your work. Do remember, of course, to have your works checked and proofread, and to ensure that they follow the fan fiction submission guidelines as spelt out in the link which you'll find at the top of the menu on the right. Do also consider using the RPGFFML for peer criticism, though I am forced to admit that the RPGFFML has been rather quiet as of late... perhaps all it needs is for people to be more willing to submit fics for review!

While I cannot promise a regular update, I will however promise you another fan fic update within 2 weeks. After that, however, depends entirely on your submissions to RPGamer.

As the Tel'near like to say, "Pruthil k'landar y mene mene susci."

Joel Pan

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New Fan Fiction - June 2nd, 2004
Lots of great fics today from many different games! Fun and laughter! Peace and joy! Angst!
A Tiny Tale of Tenderness
By: Brian Conley
(Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles) Two characters find themselves growing closer to one another as they travel in search of Myrrh. A short romantic fic that'll make you feel warm inside, just like a Malboro might.
Dearest Yun
By: Minmei
(Suikoden III) As the author put it, "One-shot, stream-of-consciousness.  Chris
speaks to the spirit of Kuput Forest. (No, it is not romance.)". I wish I could comment more but I have not played this game.
Hail the Thief
By: Far Waters
(Final Fantasy X) Written from the perspective of Tidus' mother, this work explores her feelings and thoughts about Jecht's disappearance, Auron's subsequent appearance, and, of course, Tidus.
The Nameless Sword
By: Wallwalker
(Valkyrie Profile) Kashell learns that Frei is more complicated than is immediately apparent when Midgard is threatened by an army of golems.
By: Jen Murphy
(Xenosaga Episode I) Ziggy wakes up after an extended sleep to find himself less human than he remembers himself to be. What is it like to learn that your humanity has been stripped away from you?