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Yes, so this update would have been up seven hours ago. Except I sat down at my computer and opened up my files to start working on it, and I said to myself, "Self, you have a headache. You should go and lie down in the other room for a little while."

"What a wonderful idea, self," says I in response. And so I did go lie down in the other room for a little while. And, you see, I'd been to the bookstore yesterday afternoon to pick up the fourth book in Stephen King's Dark Tower series, which I am disliking on some visceral level but which I find myself chewing through with a voraciousness usually reserved for Japanese gummy candies. And while I was there in the bookstore (because, you know, you can never just go to a bookstore and pick up the book you went in there for, unless you're broke or boring) I happened to wander through the sci-fi and fantasy section, which is my usual section to hang out in. And, you know, I have to wander through the hardcover section and see if anything new's been released since my latest trip.

And what do I find there staring me right in the face but a brand-new, just-released Terry Pratchett novel.

Now, those of you who don't know Pratchett's Discworld, I am very envious of you. It means that you will someday, if you are intelligent, have the great wonder and amazing experience of reading them for the very first time. They're such wonderful books that I've read each of them over and over again, but reading a new Pratchett for the very first time is special. It's a treat that is worth every damn penny of the price of the hardcover edition, and these books are one of the very, very few series where I actually purchase them in hardcover instead of waiting the year for the paperback.

So I got home last night (after a fruitless trip to the Japanese bookstore in northern New Jersey; they were closed for inventory, which irked us, as we'd gotten quite thoroughly misplaced on the drive there and all that effort should have some reward, dangit) and settled down to read ... and promptly fell asleep. Um, stupid body, we're supposed to be nocturnal; why are you insisting that we fall asleep before 1AM?

And then today when I woke up, I said to myself, "I should do the RPGamer update!" And then promptly forgot about it in the trip back to the Japanese bookstore, where I found the FF8 postcard book, which made me very happy, along with a copy of Xenogears Perfect Works, finally. (My roommate is currently trying to puzzle out the katakana. It's funny to listen to.) And then I came home, and sat down, and said to myself, "I should do the RPGamer update!" And that's when the headache kicked in.

So I went to lie down for a few minutes. And the Pratchett novel stared at me. I stared at it. It stared at me. It won.

So, um, hi! I finished the book. It was good. It had Death's granddaughter in it. And now, longwinded introduction aside, here's your darn stories. ^_^

Notes From Fanfic Land

My apologies to those of you whom I owe email; I've been spending the week struggling with recalcitrant webservers. Roger and I are up to some Great Unspecified Evil, and it's gonna be good, but damn, it requires a lot of server hacking before it'll work. Anyone out there know anything about getting mod_perl compiled under Mac OSX?

Writing Tip of the Week

From Alanna: Don't give up. Sometimes your story won't be working; sometimes you'll sit and stare at it and wonder if you've lost the ability to string two coherent words together; sometimes you'll be convinced that you're the worst writer who ever picked up a pen. Sometimes you'll get feedback from people who tell you that your story needs a lot of work, or that it's just, quite frankly, not that good. Don't let it discourage you; put the story away for a little while longer, go and read (or play video games!) and come back to it later. You'll usually be able to salvage something from it.

Alanna "I spent way too much money at the Japanese bookstore today"

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New Fan Fiction - May 31, 2001
Fanfics randomly chosen by Hex. +++OUT OF CHEESE ERROR+++
The Obscurity of Love
By: Elly
(Final Fantasy 7) This is a fic of a type that we see a lot -- some comedy, a little mistaken identity, and some wacky hijinks. Though we got tired of the genre a long time ago, this is such a good story that we just had to say yes.
A Good Little Girl
By: Kamarile
(Final Fantasy 4) A well-thought-out story about Rydia, and incidentally about the Land of the Summoned Monsters. It's really more about growing up, though.
By: Elizabeth Whittaker
(Lufia) In this story, Lufia reflects upon events right before the final battle, and wonders quite how she got to where she is now. Though I haven't played Lufia, it still kept my interest.
The Logic of Grief
By: Sarah the Boring
(Final Fantasy 7) This is that very rare beast of a fanfic: a fic set during the time of the Jenova Project that doesn't make me want to claw my eyes out with a spoon. This one deals with the confrontation between Vincent and Hojo, and is just wonderfully written.
Dead Man's Logic
By: Asa Sanderson
(Final Fantasy 6) I think I might use this fic in the future as an example of how to write first-person viewpoint well. Asa doesn't break narrative voice once as he -- or rather, Kefka -- tells the story of what, precisely, happens after death. Kefka's tough to write well, but Asa's got it down pat.