Fan Fiction - 29th May, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's Head: One of my RP characters struggling to get out. Stoppit! Stoppit I say!
In TSG's GBA: Tactics Ogre GBA. This is at once such a nostalgia trip and such a cool game.
In TSG's Winamp: DDR MAX 2 OST because you can never have enough sparkly future trance music.

TSG sez: Well, er, yes. Sorry about the absence - as those on the RPGFFML will know, I firstly got assaulted by a nasty head cold and complete lack of email ability, then a severe head cold that left me stumbling around the house bonking into solid walls - even more than normal. Once my head cold actually decided to subside, it was time for another final. Which, by the way, I did terrible on.

Speaking of which, if you're not on the RPGFFML you really should be - apart from the bevy of fanfiction and the chance to get and to give C&C to and from authors, it's also where I tend to keep people up to date on any reasons why the update's going to be late. Otherwise, actually coming into the irc channel at port 6667, channel #rpgffml, will generally yield results.

I have been stunned at the number of applications I've had for the fanfic reviewer position, and attempting to go through them all, especially considering how good they all are, will take rather a bit longer. I'll attempt to get it done fast, but there's just so many good apps it's such a tough decision to throw /any/ of them out.

But I still haven't had an application entirely in haiku. ;_;

Now it's time for me to recuperate: only one more final, and my trials and tribulations are over for this school year, leaving me with a summer of great games and great fanfiction to look forward to. Right now, I'm going to let my brain sink slowly into vacantness and let my RPG characters take over my brain.

The Steel "Waiii! Hyper Psycho Mage Attack!" Gunner

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New Fan Fiction - May 29th, 2002
As promised, 6 fics for you all this update, and they're all fantastic.
Confused and Lost
By: Shira Anne
(Final Fantasy Tactics) Shira returns with another top-notch FFT fic, focusing on the events of the game through one rather forgotten character. A top-notch fanfic indeed, and a splendid return, even if it did manage to go 'ping' out of my inbox.
The Name of the Game
By: Audrey
(Final Fantasy 7) Turk beauracracy can sometimes mean having to step on other people's faces. Quite, quite literally. Note: If very sensitive, you may wish to be careful with this fic, it's a little bit violent. Don't, however, let that mar your enjoyment of it.
By: Th' Lady Shadow
(Final Fantasy 10) A new fanficcer to the site, Th' Lady Shadow gives us an FF10 fanfic expanding the events shortly after Final Fantasy 10's end. And I must say that personally speaking, I /loved/ this fic. I swear, I'm a sucker for the 'aww' factor.
The Stars Will Cry
By: Luna Manar
(Final Fantasy 8) ...and to prove my above statement, Luna Manar returns from a long hiatus with this tremendously 'aww'-worthy fic. I'm actually kinda indebted to Luna because of this fic, because I was depressed and out of it when it was submitted and reading it perked me right up. Definitely take a look.
In The Dead of Night
By: Uncle Pervy
(Final Fantasy 6) A double-whammy finishes off today's update, with a pair of fics from two very good ficcers, designed to be read in tandem. Uncle Pervy starts us off with the tale of an Imperial Soldier during the Esper's attack and the invasion of Vector...
To Invade, To Reflect
By: Andy Simpson
(Final Fantasy 6) ... while Andy finishes it with a counterpoint, Edgar's thoughts before the attack and on the aftermath of the Espers' destructive capabilities. Both are exceedingly good fics, meant to be read together. So read them. Now! Come on!