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It has been a busy damn week. Since last we all spoke, I've been to LA and back! E3 was busy and loud and shiny and full of nifty toys to play with. I'm still pretty exhausted, and it's all a blur in my mind -- I can't remember what I saw at which booth, when. If you're curious about more of my impressions, go and check out my journal. I'd type it all out again, but I've been busy and I'm tired of typing. :)

In other news, I did Q&A today, so everyone go and read it. </blatant plug>

And can I just say that there is nothing in the world better than the feeling of breaking six months' worth of writers' block on your FF7 novel that's been in progress since 1998, and turning out about 45K of plain text in about five hours before you crash for the morning. At this rate, chapter 8 might be done in another few days, and I can go back to safely ignoring it for another six months or until people start nagging at me again. I have such the love-hate relationship with this story. Only 12 chapters left... at this rate, I might be done by 2005. (Well, okay, let's be honest. 2010.)

Notes From Fanfic Land

Not much to say here, except for the usual plea of READ THE BLOODY GUIDELINES! If we get one more fic in .doc format, I will not be responsible for any subsequent outbreaks of sarcasm and abuse. I have a thesaurus, and I'm not afraid to use it.

Writing Tip of the Week

5/22/01, from FG5 ( Take a different perspective. Don't rewrite plots already read a thousand times.A different approach with your writing will grab the attention of your readers, and even more so of the people you wish to publish your work.

Alanna "You sat on my dongle!" (Stom, to FireMyst, live at E3)

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New Fan Fiction - May 23, 2001
Biting the heads off gummi bears in public since 1999.
Darkening of the Light
By: Marie Walter
(Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain) This story picks up from the end of Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. It deals primarily with the resurrection of the Sarafan and how Kain first got a lead on finding Moebius' chronoplast.
The Truth
By: Joshua Davis
(Secret of Mana) This one's about Jema confessing that he stole the mana seed from the water palace after suspecting Luka to be possessed by Thanatos.
To Exist
By: WindWolf
(Final Fantasy 7) A short but well-characterized piece about Tifa's thoughts before the start of the game, when a little insomnia and a whole lot of responsibility start to get to be too much for her.
Queen of the Coven
By: Joshua Davis
(Suikoden 2) And another by Joshua, this one a poem about Sierra.
By: Larathia
(Final Fantasy 8) I'll admit that when we got this one in the inbox, I thought, "Oh God, not another FF8 post-game fic." However, I think that this might be the canonical post-game fic. It breaks most of our suggestions with gleeful abandon -- post-game fic, new evil for the characters to fight -- and it does it so wonderfully that it kept me glued to the edge of my seat. Excellently done, and well worth the time to read.