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"And the radioman says, 'It is a beautiful night out there!' And the radioman says, 'Rock and roll lives!' And the radioman says, 'It is a beautiful night out there in Los Angeles.' You live in Los Angeles and you are going to Reseda; we are all in some way or another going to Reseda someday, to die... I am going to Los Angeles to see my own name on a screen five feet long and luminous, as the radioman says, 'It is 5AM and the sun has charred the other side of the world and come back to us and painted the smoke over our heads an imperial violet, it is 5AM and you are listening to Los Angeles...'"

Yes, ladies, gentlemen and slimes, it's 10 hours before I get on a plane to fly to the other side of the country and attend E3, where I will be part of RPGamer's intense coverage blitz. I've got my notebook, I've got my pencils, and I will not forget to bring my press pass. In fact, I think I'm going to go put that in my luggage right now.

And of course I'm still on my night-shift schedule, so it's midnight and I just woke up three hours ago. At least this means that I'll sleep through the six-hour flight from Newark to LAX. I hope. I love flying, but six hours on an airplane is a wee bit too much for even me.

Anyway, before I head off to LA, here's this week's update. A little bit early, but that's better than what we've been doing lately, namely "a whole lot late". In the meantime, if you need me for the next week or so, go ahead and send me email, but don't expect me to get back to you until I get back from E3. The fanfic department will be in the capable hands of the Cadre, so if you have any fanfic-related questions, it's probably best if you email and someone will get back to you.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, that quote up top there is by Soul Coughing, one of the best weird bands I've ever heard. The song's been in my head all week.

Notes From Fanfic Land

We're catching up! My records show that we're current as of about two weeks ago, so if you sent us a fanfic before then and you haven't heard back from us, we're very sorry -- send me an email and I'll let you know what's going on when I get back from E3.

Writing Tip of the Week

From Alanna: Write what you know. Obviously, we can't all be wizards and warriors, but there are loads of good reference sites out there for just about anything you could possibly want. If you have a character in your story who's an archer, for example, spend some time reading up on archery. You never know whether your friendly fanfic editor does know a lot about archery, and if she spots many factual inaccuracies in your story, it's a pretty quick road to a reject.

Alanna "Now let's all hope that my flight doesn't get cancelled"

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New Fan Fiction - May 14, 2001
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go finish packing. Where'd I leave my notebook?
Ten Braves' Stories
By: Graham S. Johnson
(Final Fantasy Tactics) A very interesting quasi-experimental story that is told in monologue fashion, with several of the Tactics characters telling their own stories.
Chasing the Sunset
By: Kupo_22
(Final Fantasy 8) This is one of the most beautiful, saddest fanfics I have ever read. To say any more would mean to spoil it.
The Street of Factors
By: Ultema
(Suikoden 2) This is a story about Captain Rowd of the Unicorn Brigade, and it shows us just why the Captain did what he did. I must commend the author's character research.
By: Margaret Rennie
(Final Fantasy 6) In Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph who had displeased the gods and was cursed to go through life only being able to repeat the words of others, never able to speak for herself. What does that have to do with Margaret's story? See for yourself.
By: Nazzy Nineteen
(Baldur's Gate 2) Since I haven't played Baldur's Gate 2, I'll let the author describe this one: "The story is a "stream of consciousness", showing a number of events as witnessed by Yoshimo. It begins and ends with the confrontation in Spellhold, with the bulk of the middle telling how he joined the group and some of the interactions he had with the protagonist before reaching Spellhold." What I can say is that it's an excellent piece of writing.