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I was really surprised to find that so many people recognized the obscure language I used in the last update...yes, it was Welsh. Actually, I was only first introduced to Welsh when I read Susan Cooper's The Grey King a few years ago, and I really got into Wales and the culture. Thanks to everyone who sent in a guess!

I haven't been doing much gaming lately. All my money has been going towards my upcoming trip to Europe...eek! Maybe this summer I'll be getting some new games...and finishing the old ones I have that haven't been beaten...I was frustrated on the final dungeon in Suikoden, so I put that down for memory card ate my only Vagrant Story save...and my second Xenogears disc, as usual, is freezing when I go to challenge the final boss. But enough games. Onto the fanfics!

I know people are getting tired of seeing Final Fantasy fanfics every single update...or, at least, FFVII ones. But not to worry - our Final Fantasy fics this week are excellent, as are the Zelda ones. Please bear with my lack of game diversity this week and enjoy the fics!

Notes From Fanfic Land

From Lisa: I'm going to be boring as always, but this is something we constantly deal with: read the guidelines! We don't accept fanfics in .wps or .doc format, etc. Please, convert/write your story in .txt or .html format. That makes it easier for us, and it'll save you the time of having to re-submit your fanfic in the correct format.

From Alanna: If you email me next week, don't be surprised if it takes me a little while to answer. That's right, I'm going to E3! Look for RPGamer's "live on the scene" reports, and I promise not to gloat too much.

Writing Tip of the Week

From Lisa: I've been noticing that many people start out stories with directly revealing the name of a character. "John Doe was standing at the bus stop" so to say. Well that's not necessarily bad, (in fact, in some cases it's necessary) I always find it entertaining to read first a character description, or a short bit of dialogue...and then to discover the character. Personally, I believe that it entices the reader to keep reading, and allows them to guess at the character being described.

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New Fan Fiction - 5/09/01
Yummy yums! Mm-mm! Is good, is good!
By: Moro Turkey
(Final Fantasy VII) Remember the guy who rode the black chocobo at the Gold Saucer? This unique fic explores the ups and downs of the chocobo racing business.
What the Stories Forget
By: Red Viking
(Zelda: Ocarina of Time) This creative, thoughtful fic shows Link as he reminisces on the legends of Hyrule - mainly, the ones that concern him, and how they have been twisted to satisfy the citizens' imaginations.
By: Meris Ann
(Final Fantasy VII) Seifer finds Quistis in her favorite spot and decides to give her a few words of advice. An excellent must-read.
The End and the Beginning
By: Shayera
(Zelda: Ocarina of Time) Another creative, intelligent piece of Zelda fanfiction; Link takes a break after his victory and discusses his feelings about the events with Princess Zelda herself.
By: Audrey
(Final Fantasy VII) A disturbing, yet creative piece that deals with Hojo's twisted experiments and Sephiroth's disdain for them.