Fan Fiction - 30th April, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG and Niki Dinner
In TSG's Head: Fluff. Three courseworks. Possibly some earwax. That sorta thing.
In TSG's PSX: Arc The Lad Collection. Mmm, Shining Force-esque gameplay. To think I used to think this was an action RPG...

TSG sez: Apologies to those who like to get straight to the ficcage - this'll be a long rant today.

Also, apologies for the lateness of this update. I have my excuses, however: as you all know from last update, I was in Michigan, and planning to do ficwork while there in order to have a double size update when I got back. Those of you who've been reading the spiffy new message boards will know that I promptly got food poisoning while over in Michigan. Wonderful. So the update was already looking like it was going to be lateish.

Then, when I get home, I have to contend with jetlag. The very next day, in university, I learn that our lecturers have decided to spring a little surprise for us: we have three deadlines. Due in two weeks, this Friday more accurately. I scream, panic, and go into denial, and then work to recover and sort out what I can. In the end, this really was the earliest I could get the update up, but thankfully things are now getting under control and I'm sorting myself out.

You'll notice that today's update is double size, as promised, but you'll also note something else very different: every fic is from a different game. 10, count em, 10 separate games, and more waiting in the inbox. Given that just a few months ago I was lamenting the amount of FF fanfiction around, this is truly staggering, and it's greatly encouraging to know people are branching out. Of course, I must immediately contradict myself by saying that in the fanfic@ inbox right now are a number of really /fantastic/ FF fics. I have this amazing gift for channeling Murphy's Law, I'd swear.

The Secret Project continues unabated, ballooning in my absence thanks to the help of a number of great friends. I can assure you all that when it comes to fruition, it'll be a blast. If you're intrigued, interested in joining, or just wish to pester me with point-ed sticks, mail me.

Great thanks this update go to a few people on the Lunarnet irc server, including Bahamut for inadvertently giving me the update title and Amy for doing some grunt html work when my Editpad collapsed in on itself. Pretty impressive - I didn't think it was ever capable of crashing.

Niki sez: Hey peeps. Everyone needs to run virus scanning software so that we at the RPGamer fanfiction staff don't get emailed with that nasty (insert whatever it was called) worm that's been plauging our e-mail boxes. I mean, we love you and all. Really. But...I like my computer. I need it to read fics. Your fics. And you may have this virus and not know it, so please, please do a virus scan. I'll give you cookies.

[Ed note:- the viruses she means are the various versions of Klez going around - Norton Security response for it can be found here. I've recieved many copies to tsg@, enough that it's been in danger of overloading my inbox. In addition, it can be quite nasty, so take care. ^^]

Anyway, as you're cleaning out your possibly virus infected computers, I'm hopefully going to graduate from college and run away to Hawaii! No! Really! I am...but don't be too jealous. I got to get a job. Enjoy the upcoming summer, kiddies! ^^

Notes from Fanfic Land

Again, fanfic writers may recieve notices saying their fic has not been recieved from one staff member due to an overflowing inbox. Don't worry - the rest of us will have got your fic and it should all be okay. Accept-reject notices should be on their way out to people, while updated versions of fics up may take a little longer than expected - again, thanks to this coursework that was suddenly dropped onto me.

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New Fan Fiction - April 30th, 2002
Read 'em and weep, guys: 10 fics, 10 games, all bursting with excellence for your pleasure and perusal. Pricelessness perpetually pervades these pieces of prose, and you can tell it's 7am in the morning when I lapse into alliteration in the middle of an update. I go sleep now.
Mercenary Soul
By: Shira Anne
(Final Fantasy Tactics) So, just what did happen between the explosion that nearly killed Ramza and Delita, up until the time they are reunited at the temple? This fic attempts to fill in those lost years, and guess what? It does a good job of it, too.
Place In This World
By: Ashbear
(Final Fantasy 8) Resident FF8 ficcer Ashbear outdoes herself with this pair of introspective vignettes, revealing a side of Squall and Rinoa rarely seen both in game or in fanfiction. Personally, I think it's one of the best characterizations I've ever seen.
Loman's Story
By: Laufingboy
(Diablo 2) For a game which I tend to consider an exercise in clicking the mouse - a sort of prettier, more interactive Progress Quest - there's nonetheless opportunity for plot, as Laufingboy takes us through a very interesting rendition of the events of Act I. Nicely done.
Going Home
By: Masaka!
(Final Fantasy 4) Well, we all know my weakness for FF4. In addition, this plays up to my sub-weakness, Edge and Rydia stories, and also decides to throw in an involving plot I've never seen before involving Rydia's return to the ruined village of Mist. Top notch.
One Who Walked Away
By: Wallwalker
(Illusion of Gaia) An intriguing little vignette, taking the form of the diary of the painter Ishtar, and his fateful encounter with a gambler. May be a little obscure for some, but very well written, and well worth a look.
The Dressmaster
By: Ashin
(Thousand Arms) I can't speak much on this fic, having never played the game in question, despite valiant searching to the contrary, it's nonetheless a testament to this fic that despite my not knowing the subject matter it held my interest perfectly.
Hardin's Fall
By: Mandy Roberts
(Vagrant Story) So why /did/ Hardin sing up with Sydney? Mandy produces another great fic delving into Hardin's past to see what has made him the way he is.
By: Uncle Pervy
(Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete) The coolest-named author in fanfiction circles returns with this piece about the origins of a certain Lunar character, delving into the reasons behind their actions in-game. Another sterling piece from Monsieur Pervy.
See Her Dance
By: Lanesa
(Final Fantasy 10) Spoilers for the end of the game, and there's really I can't say beyond that except for - you should read this fic, if you can. Excellent justification and characterization.
Taggart's Journey
By: Al Kristopher
(Suikoden) Again, another fic for a game I haven't played enough to get an idea of the character, but once again, it held my interest wonderfully. Al Kristopher continues his romp through Suikoden fanfiction with this piece. Excellently done.