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I was very briefly tempted to write out today's update, head over to Babelfish, translate it from English to German, and then translate it back from German to English. It was, fortunately, a fleeting impulse when I was on my hour-long drive home from work this morning, and I talked myself out of it. All-Your-Base style humor is so February 2001, isn't it?

They changed my hours at work again, the bastards. Or rather, they changed my days. Have you ever had to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7PM to 8AM? Nope, didn't think so. Only my managers are insane enough to think that people actually enjoy that kind of thing.

So, anyway. It's amazing the kind of thoughts that go through your head on a car trip like that. Most of which can't be published on a "family" website.

This week's update is the "Cranky Sleep-Deprived Fanfic Editor Update". Be warned.

Notes From Fanfic Land

If people don't start reading the guidelines before they submit stories to us, I am going to drive|fly to your houses and bite you. Hard. In the shin. And I haven't had my shots yet this year. *smiles sweetly*

Also, just as a department preference regarding file format: if your fic does not require special formatting such as bold or italic, please send it as .txt rather than .html. It will reduce the amount of time it takes me to convert the files, since there isn't an HTML authoring program out there that does HTML properly enough to suit me.

Writing Tip of the Week

From Alanna: I've said it before, we've all said it before, I'll say it again. SPELL CHECK AND GRAMMAR CHECK YOUR FICS. If it wasn't rude, I'd put that in the <BLINK> tag. Oh, hell, I might anyway... no. But blatant errors in spelling and grammar are often enough to kill even the most perfectly plotted story. It's like Freshman English, people: spelling and grammar count.

Alanna "And now, I shall sleep for 48 hours"

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New Fan Fiction - 4/29/01
The Computer has calculated the properly pleasing ratio of story types and selected the proper stories to fit that ratio. People who feel that this update is unbalanced should report to Alpha Complex for re-evaluation. Are you happy, friend Citizen?
By: Mayumi Hirtzel
(Final Fantasy 8) Quistis has her eye on someone new at Balamb Garden. This is one of those rare new-character fics that DOESN'T make me want to claw my eyes out with a spoon; a good read.
Dead Man's Tale
By: Joseph Matusiak
(Final Fantasy 6) The story of an Imperial soldier and how he came to be deceased; this is a good example of writing a story about a minor character with only a few minutes of screen-time and making it good.
Stone Cold
By: Asa Sanderson
(Alundra) Don't let the length put you off; this is a wonderfully-characterized, excellently-plotted look at guilt, humanity, and what it means to be human.
Seasons Without Sun
By: Ashley Cope
(Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain) Ashley has written an entire story about a corpse with a torch who exists in the game only to help you solve a puzzle. And it's GOOD. Now that's talent.
The High Seas
By: Kate Frost
(Final Fantasy 5) Faris goes searching for a legendary trove of treasure, with the competition of a rival pirate captain. Bless you, Kate, for not inflicting the horrid 'dialect' of the FFA version of Faris.