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As Lisa said last week, I was in a car accident in mid-March; that's why the fanfic department's been in such chaos lately. I know, we've got a lot of excuses -- and I told myself when I took the job that there wouldn't be excuses -- but really, things have just sucked an awful lot these past few weeks. Well, months. This would have been up six days ago, except that my DSL crapped out. Have you ever been 'net-deprived for four straight days? *twitch*

And let's not even talk about the recent hassle with having to move servers and hosting... the less said about that, the better. Rest assured, we are working on getting our files back. If I said what I wanted to say, I'd get fired, so the less said about that, the better.

But enough of that. We have good news: we have the winners of the Fanfic Awards competition.

  • Best Overall Story: Ashlea Lierman, "Room of the Host": [Final Fantasy 8] I've read this story about five times now, and every time I read it, I notice something new. Perhaps that's because Ashlea has written a piece that manages to be completely unreal and yet real at the same time -- dark, creepy, completely metaphorical, and probably one of the best fics I've ever read. Pay special attention to the storm imagery...
  • Best Drama: Intrasonic, "The Call of Lavos": [Chrono Trigger] When I first read the author's notes to this story, I will admit that I was worried; I mean, Chrono Trigger? And HP Lovecraft? But Intrasonic grabbed me with this one; it's so rare to find a modern author who can write like Lovecraft does. Intrasonic, I think you've got a lovely -- or not-so-lovely -- future ahead of you as a horror novelist.
  • Best Comedy: Shinusagi, "Call of the Wild" [Final Fantasy 6] Look, I love the British author Terry Pratchett with all my heart and soul. And to find a fic in our inbox that had all the same qualities that a good Pratchett novel does -- the wit, the dry humor, the utter implausibility of the situations -- made me snicker for days. Unfortunately, I first read this one at work ... which caused some strange looks when I had to try and stifle my giggles.
  • Best Poetry: Sarah the Boring, "Sacred Songs" [Star Ocean 2] These poems -- a collection of poetry for each of the main characters of Star Ocean 2 -- are short but highly effective; Sarah not only uses the language beautifully, but manages to make each poem sound not only different from the rest, but sound like the character in question as well.

Congratulations to the winners, and congratulations to all those who were nominated. We'd like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to nominate a fic for consideration. Thanks to the readers for reading, and thanks to the authors for writing.

Notes From Fanfic Land

Because we've been so horrible about updates lately -- a fact for which I am sorry -- we've got well over our usual 5-fic update quota this week. Rather than trying to balance out a selection of games, I've just taken the fics that have been sitting for the longest, and my apologies to the authors.

Writing Tip of the Week

From Alanna: If you're going to write poetry, write poetry. We've been seeing lately an influx of what one of my creative writing teachers called "text with line breaks" -- a piece of prose that has been reformatted to look like poetry, without any of the usual poetic conventions. If what you're writing would work better as prose, make it prose -- just because it's short, doesn't mean that it needs to be poetry.

Alanna "That's not funny, universe, you can stop it now"

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New Fan Fiction - April 14, 2001
"The living finger writes, and having writ, moves on." The half-dead fanfic editor just chooses a few stories and passes out.
Demons of the Past
By: Gabe Ricard
(Chrono Cross) In this story, we see a bit of Greco's past, and some speculation about his future.
Princess Alena's Adventure 2: Alteration
By: Christian A. Ciccione
(Dragon Warrior IV) In this sequel to Christian's "Princess Alena's Adventure", the characters find new challenges, new adversaries -- and new sorrows.
Souls Touch
By: Krystal Greinert
(Final Fantasy 7) A lovely poem about a moment that anyone who's played the game will instantly recognize.
By: James Robinett
(Pokemon) A rather clever and witty parody of the song "Karma Chameleon". Go ahead; try to sing it. I dare you.
Parting Gifts
By: MadamHydra
(Final Fantasy 9) After the last climatic battle, Kuja thinks about his past and has an opportunity to gain a better understanding of Zidane in the shadow of the Iifa Tree. Contains spoilers.
Broken Soul
By: Casey Edwards
(Final Fantasy 9) Another end-of-game fic; this one is a look at Dagger's diary from the ending, before the arrival of the Tantalus crew.
What If We Don't Exist?
By: Moises Macias Bustos
(Final Fantasy 9) The author apologized to us in his introductory email; it seems that English isn't his first language. I admire anyone who can write like this in a language that isn't their first. This is a story about Vivi's thoughts during the dinner in Madain Sarai, while Eiko asks him to help with dinner.
Requiem per il Re delle Spade
By: Whitney Cox
(Vagrant Story) The title, Whitney assures us, means "Requiem for the King of Spades". It's a story dealing with Joshua well after the events of Lea Monde -- but of course, any story dealing with Joshua must also deal with Lea Monde, Sydney, and the events of the game. (This story got points for coming complete with cover letter parodying the King Missile song "Detachable Penis".)
Find Me In The Ashes
By: Tofu-chan
(Final Fantasy 9) An anonymous Black Mage visits Dali a while after the events in the game's ending, seeing what he can find -- and what he's become.
Interview with the Psychic
By: Giampaolo Bianchi
(Earthbound) A story about Paula's life before she met Ness, and of the price of fame -- and what happens when you find someone who's just a little bit different.
Striking the Sparks
By: Wallwalker
(Final Fantasy 6) Cid tells the story of the Magitek program, along with the selection and creation of what might have been his biggest mistake -- the first mage in centuries, Kefka.
Aya Again
By: Meris Ann
(Parasite Eve) In this wonderfully-written story that takes place between the events of PE and PE2, we see how Aya got her job with MIST, and what happened to her after the whole incident in NYC.
Nine to Five
By: Thomas Weir
(Final Fantasy 7) As Thomas reminds us, every choice has a consequence, even for those who don't wind up being heros of the game. If Shinra has a soul, it is surely in the men and women such as the hero of this story. [Hey, Thomas, take my email address off your AOL block list so I can send you email!]
By: Chris Ng
(Zelda: Ocarina of Time) We at the RPGamer fanfic department have been very disturbed by the amount of goodZelda fanfic we have been getting lately. Chris attempts to link together Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, asking the question of how the future can affect the past.