Fan Fiction - 1st April, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's Head: .oO( Please, God, let there not be a little brat kicking my seat repeatedly... )
In TSG's PS2 After Trip To Importers: Dynasty Warriors 3 is such fun. As is Jade Cocoon 2. And Forever Kingdom is /not/ total crap. Woowww.

Quickfire update today, folks, or at least quickfire in the sense of this bit of writing.

First things first, many thanks to all who wrote in with support concerning PSO. I'm feeling somewhat better about it and considerably more with it. Some guys offered to play with me, and I might well take 'em up on it. So all's good on that front.

In other news, this update's so fast because in a couple hours I'm climbing onto a plane, and making my way over to Michigan to see my girlfriend for a much needed holiday from The University Coursework (tm). I plan to cool myself off and recover the energy I've been seriously lacking recently, get revitalised.

As such, this update's a quick one, but as you'll note below, as soon as I get back there'll be a 10-fic update done the very next day I get out of jetlag and get home.

Notes from Fanfic Land

Okay. All removals or email changes are sorted. Fic changes will take a little longer - there's over 2 mb of html to do there - but should be sometime soon. In addition, please note there will most certainly be no update until roughly the 21st, maybe the 22nd depending on jetlag - I'm out of the country, as explained above - but that the next update will feature a double dose, 10 fics in all.

Many people have been recieving failure notices when they submit their fic. Don't worry about it - one of the fanfic staff has maxed out their inbox, but the fic /is/ reaching the rest of us. Don't worry, we'll still have it and it'll still be added to the queue.

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New Fan Fiction - April 1st, 2002
A collection of short fics today, unfortunately, thanks to the fact I have to dash out of the house like a mad thing in a very short while. Because of that, there's also no descriptions this week, so think of all these fics as a nice surprise. Just be wary of spoilers.
By: Melissa McClendon
(King's Field)
Steps To Rebirth
By: Ashbear
(Final Fantasy 8)
The Thief's Way
By: Lei Tian
(Final Fantasy 10)
By: Jenny Bernal
(Final Fantasy 7)
Connection, via femme
By: Alexander Bryanson
(Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7)