Fan Fiction - 19th March, 2002
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I'm rather worried about Final Fantasy 11, personally.

Now, I play Phantasy Star Online. Version 2, to be specific. I have a character at about level 100, plenty of really nice rares, that sorta thing, and a few good friends around on the servers.

I went online this weekend, and milled about servers since none of my friends were around. I wandered from empty lobby to empty lobby, until I came across a level one character, who wandered up to me and said "Hi". I replied, then was in the middle of starting a conversation when... Dreamcast locks up. A level 1 character had decided to use a Gameshark code to forcibly crash my Dreamcast. I'd never met this person before, I'd never pissed them off (unless 'hi' was offensive), it wasn't anything to do with RPGamer cuz my character's not got anything like 'TSG' in the name.

This person had rsodded me (the common term for this online) for absolutely no reason. Logging back on (into an /empty/ lobby) I check my equipment... which is gone. Everything not equipped but on my person, three version 2 rare items, gone for good, included my beloved 'signature' weapon.

Meeting up with a friend, we discussed this together with a sympathetic third person. Both people offered to recover my inventory, and thanks to donations I had more than I started with, as did my friend. "Yay for high-level people who can type correctly!", I thought - this person seemed kinda cool. They logged off, saying they had ISP problems and they'd be back soon.

The fact that they didn't come back should, in retrospect, have been my first mistake. But problems do happen. Shortly after my friend logged off to reconnect... and mailed me when they got back on. Thanks to corrupt equipment in their inventory, their inventory and stash had been reinitialised by server. The equipment they'd been given by this cool-seeming high-level character had wiped everything they owned and equipped.

Devastated, my friend restarts to a level 1 character... then leaves PSO probably for good. In one night I lost my inventory and a friend to hacked codes and items, to people who got nothing out of doing it to us but the childish satisfaction of making someone else upset. (Admittedly, I don't know if the second case was intentional. I can only guess it was. If not, and the person sees this, apologies.)

This is what I can see going wrong with FF11. There's going to be /FAR/ more people on FF11 than there are on PSO. There's going to be far more people who typ3 l1k3 th15 and think it's funny to boot people off servers and corrupt their inventories. And I can see it ruining the game.

I think I'll steer clear of FF11, personally. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to try to dig up the contact details, to try to talk to a friend.

Notes from Fanfic Land

Yeah, I know. Coursework's sat on top of my spine and pished again - corrections, removals, and new versions will be up once this is out of the way. It's looking like this is likely to be between 22 to 29th of this month, a little earlier if I'm able to shift it.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Join the Secret Project of Doom! If you're a ficwriter with some spare time and plenty of weird ideas, mail me for details.

Alan "Zzz..." Knight

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