Fan Fiction - 17th March, 2003
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's Head: Group project work. My group don't even use capitals in emails. I'm doomed.
In TSG's PS2: Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter.

Well, at least it wasn't two months this time...

Ugh. I really, honestly am sorry for all the delays recently. Rather than give you all the big sob story, it's probably easier for me to point you here for some of the reasons why I've been so away from things recently.

Or, you could just slam straight to the fics. For the sake of getting the update up the comments are rather short this week.

Alan "I'm so doomed." Knight

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Getting there.

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New Fan Fiction - March 17th, 2003
Ten fics. I'd wanted to do twelve, but haven't enough of a backlog to get through. Can't figure out if that's good or bad...
By: Ben Ford
(Final Fantasy 6) A delightfully chilling fic centering on Celes and Locke's protective nature.
By: Nightsong
(Final Fantasy 6) Nightsong returns with a delightful example of the Celes suicide fic. Normally not my thing anymore, this one was good enough to make me sit and read. Nicely done.
Guns, Carrots, Bunnygirls, and Commanders
By: Al Kristopher
(Chrono Cross) The first bit of aww-quotient of the week, a charming little Chrono Cross tale from regular Al Kristopher.
Life's Lessons On Stress
By: Mintbaby
(Final Fantasy 8) For those of you who loved Bookworms and Booya! and the sequel, this is the third in the series, and just as good as ever. Read!
Knight of the Sunset
By: Ashbear
(Final Fantasy 8) More aww in the shape of a nice little Quiefer (For those of you not au-fait with FFnet terms, that's a Quistis-Seifer fic) from Ashbear.
By: Lovely Lucrecia
(Valkyrie Profile) Remember, kiddies: Lezard is a fun villain. A fantastic fic from Lovely Lucrecia, perfectly capturing the eccentric's madman.
Black Lilies
By: Rosalyn Angel
(Vagrant Story) Rosalyn returns with a thought-provoking little fic about our favourite shirt-less Dark user, and the natures of belief. Definitely check it out.
His Queen
By: Chiranka De Croos
(Suikoden 3) Yeah, you read that right. Chiranka kicks off the Suikoden 3 archive with this little romance fic. Quite obviously, beware of spoilers.
If Life Allows
By: Vick330
(Legend of Legaia) I remember reading this for the first time long, long ago, and I'm very glad to be finally able to add it to the archives. A wonderfully sappy fic.
Life is Like an Onion
By: Lady Tristram
(Final Fantasy 9) Not a parody of Forrest Gump; instead, a sweet after-game FF9 fic concerning the rather unusual relationship between Amarant and Freya. Nicely rounds off this rather cutesy update.