Love Mummy March 13, 2006

This week, a new serial fanfic, Eclipse Into Light, starts.

Remember, Fanfic Noir contest entries are due March 20, so don't forget to send those in! There are already a few submissions, so there will be enough competition to have both a "Judges' Choice" winner and a "Readers' Choice" winner. Readers' choice voting will be done via a poll on the RPGamer forums. If you have any fic you've already written that fits the guidelines, send it in! Pretty much any type of "dark fic" will fit the bill, so if you have them, send them in. The contest rules are here and under the Current Contest link in the sidebar. Good luck!

Send any RPG fanfics you have to Remember, I always send an email to tell you if I received your fic. If you don't get that notification email, then resend the fic to

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  New Fanfiction - March 13, 2006  

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The Rose Garden
By: CrystalCattail
Suikoden I
Some said that there was nothing more beautiful than watching the sun rise over Lake Toran, but Eikei wasn't interested. He was merely trying to listen to his new friend, Kai.

Eclipse Into Light
By: Quinctia
Final Fantasy VII
"If we can ever find what we need...we can save them. And leave this wasted place behind." (Chapter 1)

Body Search
By: Person
Suikoden III
When Chris stopped suddenly and knelt next to the corpse that lay in the middle of the path they were taking to Brass Castle, Salome assumed that she meant to pray for him.

By: Karlinn
The burden of another life – beyond that which he had stayed in ‘The World’ to save – was more than the 14-year-old was ready to bear, and yet in his heart and mind, he knew he had done just that. (Chapters 27-28)

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