Fan Fiction - 11th March, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's Head: .oO( Oops, I just missed Mother's Day in the UK, didn't I? )
Also In TSG's Head: .oO( I've not eaten or drunk anything for 24 hours but I'm hyper and bouncing on the couch. )
Also In TSG's Head: .oO( This is either a very good or a very bad sign. )

I need some help, all you authors out there.

I have a project, a very secret project. But I can't go it alone, so I'm going to need all of you to help out a little, if you can. It promises to be an absolute blast, and should be one of the most fun things I've ever done.

So, if you're a fanfic author, and have a lot of time on your hands in the upcoming weeks, preferably with IRC access, contact me for details of the Secret Project Of Doom.

In other news, it's another mixed bag update. The variety of fics we've had recently is awesome and most all of them have been absolutely great. Really, I was expecting to be utterly swamped by FF10 fanfics, but we've had more obscure games than ever recently.

One final note: Murphy's Law attacked (naturally) shortly after I exclaimed I was going to update Regularly And Correctly, and sent our checklist spiralling down into the durky murks of php evil. So if you're missing an accept notice but your fic is up, that's why.

Meanwhile, I will go revel in my malnutrition and bounce on the couch more. Whee!

Notes from Fanfic Land

I realise there's a lot of revisions and emails that have to be changed - I'm a little strapped for time tonight, still having the tail end of these courseworks on me, but they will be up throughout the week. Watch for edits on the page update for news.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: In lieu of "USE THE PAPERCLIP!", the cry that went up when I went fishing on IRC for ideas, I'll say this instead: Check out punctuation. Possessive apostrophes have been made famous by Bob the Angry Flower, but other more subtle problems can be out there and can be /much/ easier to overlook.

Alan "Absolutely Insane" Knight

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New Fan Fiction - March 11th, 2002
A mixed bag today, emcompassing the entire onomatopoeical range from 'aww!' to 'aah!' while hitting everything on the way. We got it all!
Reflections 2
By: Uncle Pervy
(Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) A sequel to one of the best Zelda: OoT fanfics out there, Uncle Pervy (still one of the best author names I've ever come across) takes the premise and continues it, switching the roles of saviour and villain in a gripping story. A must for anyone who's read the first, available in our archives.
Quantum Gears
By: Roger Ostranger
(Xenogears) A new one on me: a Xenogears / Quantum Leap crossover. Yes, you read that right. A barmy yet brilliant fic about Sam Beckett leaping into the body of everyone's favourite encyclopedic doctor. Fantastic fic, and such a bizarre idea that it works without question.
For The Asking
By: Lilac Summers
(Final Fantasy 10) A very well written but also chilling fic about Final Fantasy 10's ending and the events after. While I can't say too much here, for fear of spoilers, which are rampant, if you've completed FF10, read this fic. Brilliantly done.
By: Saka Ogawa
(Grandia 2) Saka Ogawa is back, with another Grandia 2 fic of astounding quality. Excellent characterization, and a followup of sorts to her previous fic 'Snapped'. She continues to write fantastic stuff, /very/ well worth a read.
Winter Pathways
By: Jonatan L
(Suikoden 2) Awwwww, innit /sweeeet/? (Hey, if I know the author personally I'm allowed to dig at him.) Jonatan takes a break from his usual fic style and goes into full-romance mode with this sweet tale. Despite what he might say about it, it's very good indeed. Read!