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Oh - thank goodness I'm awake. I had the most horrible dream - I had to write the RPGamer fanfic section update, and I only had five hours left to go, and if I didn't do it in time Alanna was going to eat my eyeballs!

What's that? I am writing the RPGamer fanfic section update with only five hours left to go? And Alanna is, as we speak, preparing various cooking implements and spices?

In that case, I suppose it's fortunate that I never got that laser eye surgery. Man, I would have felt pretty bad about wasting all that money.

Roger's First Order of Business:

Two burgers and a medium drink.

Roger's Second, and Slightly More Serious Order Of Business That He'd Better Get To Right Quick Before He Gets De-Oculated:

Way back in the day (last year), I believe on my last update, I made a comment about the wide variety and depth of the continuum of console games that were mocking me with their refusal to be beaten. "Help!" I cried to all those who were listening nearby. "I need help with these games!", only I said it with fewer calls for help and more swearing and throwing of random items out the window.

This is the lesson for today: A cheaper, if more time-consuming, alternative to strategy guides is becoming an RPGamer fanfiction editor. I'm kidding; I'm not in this job for the tips, I'm in it for the money! I get paid nothing you know, and Matt just yesterday offered to double my salary. Life is good.

The point is, I was having problems with three games (Chrono Cross, Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy VIII) and - thanks to kind readers with an e-mail client and some spare time - have now beaten them all! So thanks go out to those folks who I didn't reply to personally because my computer was, at the time, catching fire.

That's the real lesson for today: Technology is evil.

Notes From Fanfic Land

Just a quick reminder: If you have questions about anything regarding the RPGamer fanfic department, mail Mailing editors' personal mailboxes will sometimes seriously delay a response -- like now, when Alanna is really only around one day out of the week to upload the update and answer email.

Plus, a small request: when you HTML your own files (which we prefer), please do not use non-standard colors or font sizes. Not only does it increase the time we have to spend to make the fanfic fit our own formatting template, all of us use webmail for RPGamer stuff, and most webmail providers will only render certain HTML tags -- which means that your fanfic usually winds up unreadable.

Writing Tip of the Week

From Alanna: Use titles well. The title can tell you a lot about a story, such as what the reader is supposed to concentrate on, or what kind of a theme the story is supposed to have. If you can't think of a good title, resist the urge to call it something generic; get someone who's good with titles to read your story and tell you what it reminds them of. When in doubt, song titles usually work. Just don't tell anyone I told you that.

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New Fan Fiction - March 2, 2001
*phew* That was close. But here I am, almost done with the update, and I've got fifteen seconds to spare! All right! In fact, I think I can sit back and relax before going on with the rest of this. Heck, I've earned it. Oh, hi Alanna, what are you doing? Wait, what are those surgical tools and that chef's hat for? Wait a second, NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
Carnival Lights
By: Wallwalker
(Final Fantasy 7) In FF7, Cloud talks about his wacky adventures as a teenaged SOLDIER stationed in Nibelheim fairly early on in the game. That part has lots of pretty FMV and things burning. Later on, however, you discover a rather disturbing fact about it - this story's about why Tifa didn't speak up during Cloud's story. She knows the disturbing fact, and here's why she didn't tell.
Things Left Behind
By: Azusa Kuraino
(Xenogears) In Xenogears, there's a point in the game after which you don't hear a whole lot about Ramsus. His story is pretty much closed by that part, but that doesn't mean that fanfic authors everywhere haven't taken it further: This story is an excellent look at post-game Ramsus, and how he comes to terms with his purpose.
The Dragon Campaign
By: Lassarina Aoibhell
(The Legend of Dragoon) I beat this game in the last few months as well - though this fanfic doesn't deal with that. It's focused more on the past, the history of the game. Plus, it does a great job developing characters that you never even get to meet.
By: Luna Manar
(Final Fantasy VIII) The moment I finished this story, I felt nearly compelled to: (1) Go to the store and buy a copy of Unreal Tournament, and then (2) Create a mod for the game based on this fanfic alone. Excellent view of the events about the Ragnarok, from a witness' perspective.
A Gathering of Friends
By: Mike Lattanzio
(Final Fantasy VI) A Setzer story that essentially rewrites the opera abduction scene. Wonderful look at Setzer's personality and motives.