Fan Fiction - 1st March, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
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In TSG's PSX: Xenogears, while the housemate replays it.
In TSG's PS2: Rez. I'm pretty certain this game counts as a religious experience.

I owe everyone a lot of apology and a lot of thanks.

These last few weeks have been a truly insane ride for me, and it's been hard to keep my head. In fact, most of the time I was out of my head rather than in. There's been late updates, missed updates, all that crud. And yet, I didn't get a 'you guys suck', nor a 'update already'. Instead, I got support and understanding. You all rule.

Fortunately, the pressure has been taken off and most of my depression's turned to determination. And the sight of a heavy set, determined Englishman running full-tilt at his objectives is quite a scary mental image, I think you'll agree.

So, I'm back, feeling better, and raring to go. Today's update is a bit of a theme night, as we've had a collection of really sweet fanfiction recently. So, I decided to stick 5 of the more fuzzy-feeling ones up for you today. Sit back, enjoy, and chill out. It's another biggie of an update, stretching to fully 700K of plain html ficcage for your perusal.

As for update night itself, it'll be likely to change around in the next couple of weeks as I sort things out, shifting slowly back to the weekend.

Notes from Fanfic Land

Once more, a pimping session for the RPGFFML and it's denizens. Not only can authors recieve detailed C&C on their fics, but interested readers can find fics not put up on RPGamer here amongst an atmosphere of fanfic editors occasionally whining about how terrible their life is. (Sorry 'bout that, guys.) In addition, the IRC channel ( port 4444, #rpgffml) is the official channel for both the section and the RPGFFML, and plenty of like minded fanfic types can be found idling without saying anything hanging out there. Take a look!

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Bookworms and Booya! makes a very good point this week: you don't necessarily need a new threat to the world, an old villain making a reappearance, or soul-searing angst for a fantastic fic. Good writing can come from any situation.

Alan "Pretzel-back" Knight

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New Fan Fiction - March 1st, 2002
Get out that Kleenex and turn up the 'aw' factor for the mushiest fanfics you've ever seen. It's like puppies, baby seal plushies, and kittens all wrapped into one.
Bookworms and... Booya!
By: Mintbaby
(Final Fantasy 8) Almost certainly one of the best romance fics I've ever seen. From the library girl's perspective, this fic takes us through a week of no new threats to the world, no soul-crippling angst, but just a normal week of them getting closer. Fantastic characterization and an engrossing read.
Where You'll Be
By: Mandy Roberts
(Final Fantasy 8) Personally, I think the best title ever for this fic would've been 'Nida the Pimp', but that's just me. Everyone's not-very-well-known character gets a bit of a boost in this fic, along with some more well-known characters getting their comeuppance. Very nice to see stuff for the lesser guys. Poor Nida.
Until The End of Time
By: Jeff Moore
(Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross) The other biggie of the update, this is a solid piece of work by Jeff. He says Until The End of Time, and he means it: 400k of superb fanfic, providing the best link between the two games made yet. A thoroughly good piece of fanfic.
Hopeless yet Helpless
By: Annie Felis
(Skies of Arcadia) It's Skies of Arcadia fiction, what more do you want?! Okay, okay. Take fantastic characterization, beef up the personalities of the characters a bit, add a pinch of angst and brew with the conclusion of the game. I'd always wondered what the outcome would be. Definitely worth a read.
Huh? What? Shazam!
By: Al Kristopher
(Suikoden) We end on... a considerably more insane note. If the title doesn't give it away, then I'll tell you: this is Viki fanfiction, and it's just as charmingly weird as it's protagonist. A great laugh, and a fun and engaging read. A nice little high note to end the update on.