Rare Drop February 25, 2006

Remember, Fanfic Noir contest entries are due March 20, so don't forget to send those in! We've already got one fic, so there will be some competition if you want to submit a fic. If you have any fic you've already written that fits the guidelines, send it in! Pretty much any type of "dark fic" will fit the bill, so if you have them, send them in. The contest rules are here and under the Current Contest link in the sidebar. Good luck!

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By: Minmei
Suikoden IV
Aldo. Ted. A brief look into a brotherhood that almost was.
I'm having that funny feeling again, like I'm supposed to do something that I'm not doing. So, just to be safe, I'm going to do everything. First on the list, retrieve a sandwich from a bear trap. All right, I'll just reach on in there and OH GOD IT SNAPPED SHUT ON MY ARM GODDAMNIT IT SEVERED IT CLEAN OFF JESUS BLOOD EVERYWHERE HURTS HURTS THE PAIN OH GOD WHY DID I DO THAT?! All right, just check that off the list... next, I'll eat the sandwich. Mmm... hey, this ain't bad. Maybe a little mustard or something. Mmm! All right, that's two!

By: Eagleheart
Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis
It’s hard, sometimes, to be a Turk. People don’t understand us. They see a bunch of elite professionals in suits, with weapons, who do Shinra’s dirty work. We’re people too. But I guess there must be something different about us, knowing about the things we go through. Our lives are different. (Chapter 9)
I know, I know. Look, the point is that there's just not enough orange juice to go around. I mean, sure, you could try to swallow a couple more spark plugs, or you could hear me out and wait for the laundry to dry on the surface of the moon. And frankly I haven't been feeling well ever since I didn't see the giant hamster ball, you know I love those things. Now I'm afraid of radios and the kitchen, and doubly so if the two of them are Steve.

The Fairest One of All
By: Jurhael
Star Ocean 3
Every morning, Albel Nox stood in front of a mirror...
A time that thought I you would consider the conclusion of Vermont, the nonnative ones never came, of all our cheese and socks to rob.

By: Karlinn
The burden of another life – beyond that which he had stayed in ‘The World’ to save – was more than the 14-year-old was ready to bear, and yet in his heart and mind, he knew he had done just that. (Chapters 23-24)
Ways to end a story:
The hero walks off into the sunset
The hero dies
The hero gets laid
Everything beyond that is just details.

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