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Updater on Duty: Matt
In Matt's Head: *Homer giggle*
In Matt's PSX: Wild ARMs 2. *Still*.
In Matt's PS2: *slaps knee and mock-laughs* Oh that's right, I don't have a PS2! Haha!
In Matt's Saturn: Dracula X: Nocturne in the Moonlight. *Underground Garden baby!*
In Matt's SNES: Arcana. *Die Rimsala!*
In Matt's NES: The Legend of Zelda. *Classics never die*

*looks around, uncertain of his whereabouts*

Uhm.. Hi! =D

Yep, I'm still around, even though I don't think I've done a fanfic update in quite some time. I'd forgotten how much I like this room. It's so cute and cuddly compared to my other room.

*motions over his shoulder to the room labeled as 101*.

Definitely a nice change. Wooden walls. Tile floor. Comfy couch. ..D and W on said comfy couch. No security cameras. I'll be gibbered! I like it here!

Wait.. something's missing. Where's V?

looks in the closet, behind the door, in the trash can, under the couch, pushes D and W off the couch and looks between the cushions, smiles and looks up at the ceiling.

Ba~by! Now just exactly what do you think you're doing in here? How many times have I told you not to disturb the other editors? Put him down, now! Thank you. Now get back to your room Mistah V! </Harle Quinn>

chases Mistah V out the door with a stick

Okay, back to some of that good ol' website plugging I so blatantly do from time to time. I'm rather excited about this in-progress website. As you all very well may or may not know, I have a manic obsession with the character known as Harlequin from Chrono Cross.

Harle is quite possibly my favorite character from any RPG in existence. Don't ask my why, don't question my motives, don't tell me I need to get out more, don't tell me I need some time off from my consoles, and for the love of god, don't tell me she's just a video game character. This could dramatically shorten the length of your life. It's best just to stay away actually. In fact, if anyone even comes near me, I'll sic Mistah V on you.

*rattles Mistah V's cage a little, drawing forth a bloody-stump-across-a-cheese-grater sound*

...what was my point? I didn't have one, did I.. thinks for a moment. Ah! Yes!

Aaron, or The Dead Poet, or Clark Kent, I'm not sure which name he goes by (sorry!), stumbled upon one of my "Harle is god!" rants, and sent me a link to his site. It's still in development/under construction/hasn't much content/etc but I foresee it becoming one helluva great place. It's a simple layout, and I think it's perfect. I REALLY hope it becomes a well known and respected web site. I can't really do justice to Aaron/TheDeadPoet so I'll just y0!nk his:

Welcome to Mournful Smile. Who is Harlequin? Why does she keep everything about herself hidden, all the way down to her facial features? Her insecurities shine through her bravado, yet she feels alone and; therefore, remains alone. Or are her intentions less than honorable?

What is this site for? This is not a picture gallery or movie archive. It's an exploration. Harlequin: almost everything we know about her is false. What really lies under the make-up?

You can help. This site is to be a truly artistic place for conversation, art, and stories written by you. And no, I'm not a loony. I'm just having fun.

And there you have it. Directly from the mouth of the web master. Well, I certainly dig. I'll be submitting my personal reflections by the truckload. As soon as I get off my lazy arse and do it of course. I heartily suggest you all do the same. It's got mega potential. And now for the important stuff:

Mournful Smile

Mournful Smile

So, please, visit, marvel, and contribute to the site! I want this place huge with reflections!

Notes From Fanfic Land

Nominations for the Fanfic Awards are now closed. Due to the upset in Alanna's personal life, we will be extending the actual award date; we will amend the offical rules as soon as we know more details. Alanna's dropping off the face of the earth for a little while, so if you email her, don't expect a response.

Writing Tip of the Week

From Alanna: Push your usual boundaries. If you usually write romance stories, try a dramatic action story. If you usually write comedy, try romance. If you usually write drama, try something funny. If you keep writing the same type of story all the time, sooner or later it'll start to be the same story every time.

Matt Scipione
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New Fan Fiction - February 20, 2001
Random amount of fics randomly chosen by a randomly thrown random colored dart at a random wall that has randomly nothing to do with randomness.
Will You Be Waiting?
By: Sydney Sama
(Final Fantasy 7) Quite a new take on what could have happened post game, to Tifa. I definately give kudos to the mind that dreamed this up.
Crowning Glory
By: Blackjack Gabbiani
(Pokemon) All right. I don't like Pokemon. I never have. I never will. When it comes to the fics, I usually try to be very open-minded, and most of the time I still just really really really can't bring myself to say good things about them. This, however, is the needle in the haystack I wasn't looking for. This is one wonderful fic. Go read it. (Shounen-ai warning)
Terra II: Shadows of the Past
By: Mintbaby
(Final Fantasy 6) Woohoo! Shadow backstory! I admit, the idea of Shadow becoming a good guy is a little outside of my paradigm but this is one damn fine story.
On the Horizontal
By: Keith LaMothe
(Final Fantasy 1) Hah! More Final Fantasy 1 fics! One about Garland/Chaos no less! It really takes creativity to give such good characterization to something that didn't have much. Keith nailed it though. Large kudos.
By: Stewart Bishop
(Lunar) I'm told this is about a character named Ghaleon. And it's poetry. Two big strikes against me right there! Never played any Lunar game, and poetry is less my forte than ...say, driving a Top Fuel Dragster. 8)
The Merman
By: Morgan
(Lufia 2) Dekar! An oldie but a goodie, folks. This is about what possibly could have happened to Dekar after sacrificing himself at the Karlloon Shrine.