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In Alanna's Head: I motherfscking hate February.
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I hate February. I really, really, really hate February.

My grandfather's on life support, my computer crashes two or three times a night, RPGamer's been having mysterious server outages for the past three weeks every time I sit down to try and update, my work schedule is killing me, I'm so behind on RPGamer work I can't even bring myself to sit down and do ANY of it, the Fanfic Assistant Cadre seems to have dropped off the face of the earth, I haven't had time to write in months, you can't see the floor of my apartment, and I have email in my inbox from LAST YEAR I haven't answered yet.

I hate hospitals, I hate unstable computer connections, I hate headaches, I hate stupid proprietary network protocols that don't work on my computer, I hate Valentine's Day, and I hate cleaning.

Oh, and I'm out of cigarettes.

Be nice in your email this week, please. I will bite if sufficiently provoked. If I owe you email, I'm probably going to continue to owe you email.

Notes From Fanfic Land

Still accepting nominations for the Fanfic Awards 2000 until next week. The judging might be delayed due to my family problems; I'll keep you posted.

Writing Tip of the Week

Take rejection gracefully. If we don't accept your story, it's not a personal attack to you or your writing style. Most of the time, when we reject a story, it's due to a few things: spelling, grammar, poor writing style or the fact that we've seen the same plot ten thousand times already. (There are other reasons for rejection; those are just the most prominent.) Mailing us back to complain that all of your friends liked it won't move us. Get someone who will be honest with your story, rather than kind, as an editor.

Alanna "stomp grumble hiss spit cry kick throw things"

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New Fan Fiction - February 8, 2001
Fanfics selected randomly by a VERY cranky fanfic editor.
By: Ashlea Lierman
(Final Fantasy 9) A post-game fic. To avoid spoilers, I'll be vague: The game says that something happened to Zidane. The ending of the game changed its mind. This story basically thumbs its nose at the game and says "No takebacks."
7 Flush, and the Whole Earth
By: Mike Lattanzio
(Final Fantasy 6) A short, but interesting, character piece about Setzer and his luck.
By: Damian Dydyn
(Chrono Cross) I'll confess something: I violently hated this game. I never even finished it. Damian's story, though, made the characters seem real in a way that the game doesn't. And saved me the trouble of having to play through for this ending. The Dragon Gods' ending, as seen through the eyes of Glenn.
Final Crisis
By: Alex Weitzman
(Final Fantasy 7) The conclusion to a trilogy. Though it might not seem like an FF7 story, it certainly is when you read the other two -- and the image of Hojo as a babe in tight shorts kept me laughing for days.
Rocket Town in the Springtime
By: Naomi
(Final Fantasy 7) Just another lovely little poem about Cid and Shera. Caution: contains strong language.
By: Gabe Colbaugh
(crossover) Sequel to the story "A Pirate's Life", this story seeks to give Faris and Edgar a happy ending.
Goin' To The Chapel
By: Mess
(Persona 2) I just got past this part in the game, and Mess did a wonderful job of capturing the feel of it. This is set during the GOLD's Gym section of the game, and looks into Ulala's thoughts and motivations.
By: Melissa McClendon
(Xenogears) Explosions, strife, conflict, and angst -- just another normal day in the Uzuki family.
Searching for Comfort
By: Heather Rogerson
(Lunar: Eternal Blue) On board the Dragonship Destiny, Leo agonizes over his conflict of interests as he takes Lucia and her companions to Pentagulia. Should he proceed with the orders of the Goddess Althena or follow his heart and make a different choice? An excellent look at a complex character.
The Other Side of the Wall
By: Sydney Sama
(Final Fantasy 7) Two women, one man, a battle with consequences, a heal potion that doesn't do much, and one mountain to get over. I think this is the best-characterized Tifa I've ever seen in fanfic.