Fan Fiction - 7th February, 2003
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's Head: Fuzz.
In TSG's PS2: Dust.

I'll spare you all the sob story. There are reasons this update ended up horrifically late, unfortunately, but thankfully they're past. To make up for it somewhat, there's another oversize update below, and enough spare for me to update in a week's time, February 14th. Feel free to kick me repeatedly for the late update... now.

The checklist is still down, so I've had to take definite accepts rather than uncertain ones, which means that for a while at least, the order's gonna be all messed up. Don't worry, though: I do have all the fics still and they will all get added once the checklist pops back up from the grave.

Edit: A resurgence of your head cold is not a good Valentine's Day present. Ugh.

Alan "Update already!" Knight

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New Fan Fiction - February 7th, 2003
Eight fics for you all today. It would have been ten, but one html file corrupted and one administrate mess-up occured. It's all go, folks!
Sweet Like Chocolate
By: tami
(Chrono Cross) A delightfully whimsical fic about Serge's relationship with the three female leads of Chrono Cross, entertainingly laid out us all by Harle. Entertaining and just a little silly. Splendid.
The Me That You Know
By: Sean Cassidy
(Final Fantasy 4) A pre-game story that takes place from a unique point of view: that of Baigan, about the events in the castle while Cecil is away on the raid on Mysidia. Certainly an original idea, and certainly worth a look.
Bloody Dawn
By: Nightsong
(Final Fantasy 6) A rather darker look at the reasoning behind Celes' betrayal of the Empire. Very well written and a nicely original tone for a piece of this type, but be warned: some mature themes that some readers may not be comfortable with present.
By: Reno Spiegel
(Final Fantasy 7) Well, it's happened again. It's an FF7 fic that I couldn't stop reading until I reached the end. This is an alarming trend, but it's still a great fic. Reno gives us 'Angel', a fic about everyone's favorite suited bar-fly, Reno. Even if you're skeptical or put off by the size, be sure to read.
Thinking About The End
By: SilvyrWing
(Final Fantasy 8) Another pre-game fic, this time for Final Fantasy 8. Ellone visits Garden at the start of the game, only to find no-one remembers her. The answer to what she's going to do comes from an unexpected place.
In The Dell
By: Al Kristopher
(Suikoden) A nice little Blackman fic from resident Suikoden-ficcer Al Kristopher. Al keeps on coming with good fic after good fic, so be sure to check it out.
Mourn for the Plain Sea
By: Rosalyn Angel
(Kingdom Hearts) Trippy. Very trippy. Admitted by the author, even. But it's very, very good and most definitely worth the read. Yet another pre-game fic for this update, this takes a rather dark look at Riku's family before the game. Very worth a read.
The Spirit Without
By: Ketsugi
(Final Fantasy 8 / Final Fantasy; The Spirits Within) General Hein is haunted by strange dreams, long before he finds out about Aki's dreams. What do these dreams mean? Who is this "Cipher" who looks so much like him? A very nicely done movie crossover that works in a nice, plausible fashion.