Fan Fiction - 6th February, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's PC: Pools of Radiance. Nice game indeed.
On Top Of TSG's Monitor: A Cthulu plushie. However came up with this idea is the coolest person IN THE UNIVERSE.



Forgive me if I sound shellshocked, but that was a lot of htmling.

With the checklist working again, I pop onto it and select a few fics to put up. Little did I realise that the 5 fics together made over a meg of fanfic.

So, consider this the big update (quite literally) I promised in return for the lack of updates over the last few weeks.

I have a test tomorrow, so I'll make this nice and quick, and see you all at the regularly scheduled time on Sunday.

Notes From Fanfic Land

Accept and reject notices will be a little out of sync and/or missing for the next couple weeks after the checklist recovery. They should be kept up to date, but if your fic appears without a notice, you can probably consider it an accept. ;)

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Use the RPGFFML. They won't bite, really. They're an invaluable resource for information, opinion, and constructive criticism.

Alan "60%? For a program that never compiled? Cool." Knight

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New Fan Fiction - February 6th, 2002
Hulking big chunks of readiness for you all today, the larger of which are in handy-dandy lil' chapters for those not able to make them in one sitting. Just be careful not to get bloated - those commas are filling.
Nothing Left To Lose
By: Mikhail
(Star Ocean 2) It's not inaccurate to say that I giggled giddily when this hit my inbox. My Star Ocean 2 fixation is well documented, and a 400k fic for it? Wow. And I don't even /need/ to be biased because it's a wonderfully original, very well written story.
Nighttime Flight
By: Bella Ragazza
(Final Fantasy 8) Some writing for a slightly unusual couple this time round, courtesy of a new author to the archive. Charmingly sweet, and great writing from a new author to our archives.
The Dark Star Crystal
By: DarkMistress
(Legend of Mana) Following the path of a number of members of the Jumi Clan, this fic expands both on the world and the clan, and follows their adventures through the world. Nicely long, and a very good read.
Untouched By Time
By: Brent Barron
(Chrono Cross) A lovely little fic, detailing both what happens to Serge after the events of the game, and also the way he gets his memories back thanks to a certain blonde-haired thief girl. Definitely worth a read.
Apocryphal Homeworld
By: Rhys Rhodes
(Final Fantasy 6) To finish off today, not your usual FF6 after-game fic this, no. Who needs a revival of magic when the natural progression of science is technology? A rather dark storyline from Rhys, and nicely original for FF6.