Fan Fiction - 28th January, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's PC: Pools of Radiance. Nice game. Far too deadly, though.
In TSG's PSX and PS2: Bitterness. See below.

Okay. I know you all want to get to the new fics, but I have something to talk about first which will be of significant interest to you European and English fic readers out there. Bear with me. It won't take too long.

I was having a very good day up until I came across this article at The Register. Read it - it's fun reading. What it effectively means is, thanks to precedent, it is now illegal for English gamers to import. All thanks to Sony.

Sony, if you don't want English gamers importing games, then how's about this: Start releasing games in England. It's not a coincidence that so many English gamers are importing FFX when it's only going to be coming out in England in June. It's not a coincidence that English gamers import when Final Fantasy Tactics never hit English shores, that Valkyrie Profile, Wild Arms 2, Legend of Mana, Parasite Eve, SO MANY games are not released in England because apparently there's no market for them. If there's no market for them, they why are they being imported? SOMEone must be buying them. Which means there must be a market.

Also, why does it take so long to reach England after being released in the US? I'd love it if a helpful reader could tell me the reason why it takes longer for a game to travel between two countries that speak the same language than between Japan and the US. Can /anyone/ answer that?

Sony are going the wrong way about stopping importing. Rather than trying to steamroller importers and modchippers, instead offer fans the games that they want, on time and released.

To those fans unhappy with the state of affairs, make yourself heard! Write a letter to Sony. Boycott their products until they actually start being fair to European gamers. Tell your friends to do the same: get them to tell their friends, too. Otherwise we're only going to get steamrollered even more.
Note that all views are those of Alan Knight and do not represent RPGamer's views as a whole.

Notes From Fanfic Land

The checklist's still down, so these fics this week are from memory and my choice. Authors may not have had an accept notice for these fics - if not, my apologies and treat them as being accepted. ;-)

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Don't worry about writing this week. Instead, as above, I ask all European games to make their viewpoints heard.

Alan "Why, humanity? Why so stupid?!" Knight

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New Fan Fiction - January 28th, 2002
It's another TSG Eats His Hat Day as we take a run through all of the recent Final Fantasy games in order from 6 to 10. It's like a trippy textual Hit Parade in reverse.
Not A Treasure Hunter
By: Missy Minerva
(Final Fantasy 6) A delightfully quirky Final Fantasy 6 fic to start with, an unusual premise and a very fun idea of a crossover. Spot as many references as you can, and ponder where game writers may get their ideas from.
And The Darkest Hour
By: Asyria
(Final Fantasy 7) Some angst from a pair of characters rarely seen on RPGamer. Nicely written, and quite cute at the end. Worth the whole fic just for the satisfaction of Reno's last line to the innkeeper.
By: Anne Haringsma
(Final Fantasy 8) An intriguing and also eminently workable concept from Anne, a plot point which many people may have glossed over or missed. Definitely worth a read, with the dual writing style refreshingly different.
Duty And Honor
By: Meriko
(Final Fantasy 9) A fantastic character piece on Freya and Lord Fratley, giving some closure for the pair and being an excellent read in the process. Great characterisation. I insist you all go read it, though beware of spoilers.
A Single Foot Of Earth
By: Whitney C.
(Final Fantasy 10) A quite obvious spoiler warning here: notable spoilers for Auron and the end of the game. You Have Been Warned. I can't say much more here, so if you've finished the game, check this fic out.