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...ugh. This week started my new work schedule; I work Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights, from 7PM to 8AM. The three-days part of it is wonderful, believe me -- it means that I get four whole glorious days off. But working 13 hours at a time is murder. See, from 7PM to 6AM takes 11 hours to go by ... and then from 6AM to 8AM, well, that takes another 11 hours to go by.

I'm hoping, though, that with the extra day off, I'll finally have the chance to go through my Stack O'Unfinished Games and make a dent in it. It's getting very silly.

Will someone tell it to stop snowing? I have tickets to a hockey game on Saturday.

Notes From Fanfic Land

We've got the Best of 2000 Fanfic Contest rules available! Basically, this is how it works: you, the readers, nominate your favorite stories from the past year, and a panel of judges will evaluate those stories on technical and literary merit. We'll be taking nominations for Best Drama, Best Comedy, and Best Poetry, and we'll also be giving out an award for Best Overall Story (which will be chosen by the judges from the nominees from the other three categories).

The winners will get copies of the soundtracks to the games that their stories were written for. (Though we do reserve the right to substitute a different soundtrack if the game is old or out of print, or did not have a soundtrack. We also give you the chance to substitute another soundtrack, if you already have the soundtrack in question.)

Nominations end February 15, 2001, so go rummaging through the archives and nominate your favorites today! (As a side note, if you use the Old Updates list to look for things to nominate, please be aware that because I'm still working on moving fanfics from here to hell and gone, none of the links prior to August will work -- you'll have to go through the Archives page. I'm sorry about that.)

Writing Tip of the Week

Get a human editor. Humans catch a bunch of things that a spellchecker won't, and will also be able to tell you whether or not your story makes sense -- or if it needs a better ending.

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New Fan Fiction - January 18, 2001
Cross Mama Dumptruck's palm with silver G-string and she will tell your fanfic future.
I Will Still Remember
By: Calis Cheah
(Legend of Dragoon) Another wonderful piece of work from Calis, who assures us that this can be set to the overworld theme. Not having heard the overworld theme, I can't verify this. ^_^
A Traitor's Redemption
By: Washu
(Suikoden) A look at the character who betrayed the Liberation Army (or whatever you named it in your game) and what drove him to do what he did. Despite it being tough to describe without revealing spoilers, it's still a damn good story.
Fish Club
By: Ombligo
(Breath of Fire 4) ...I'm not really sure how to explain this one. It's a little demented, but it's a great story. Technically, I suppose you'd have to call it a crossover between Breath of Fire 4 and the movie Fight Club, but ... Oh, heck, see for yourselves.
I Can't Think Of A Stupid Title For This Thing
By: Paul Beaudoin
(crossover) You know, by all rights, I should have hated this story. It's a crossover, it's a self-insertion, and it's a comedy. Given my fanfic preferences, that should be three strikes. Yet when I was reading it, I couldn't stop laughing. It's a crossover between Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile, and has stylistic elements from certain movies I've seen, too.
Clear as Fog
By: Sydney Sama
(Final Fantasy 7) My first reaction when I read this story was "Wow, it's FF7 as written by Samuel Beckett!" This is not a bad thing. In fact, it's a pretty good thing, and it's a wonderful story. Sydney writes a conversation that should have happened between Cloud and Tifa, after the game is over.
By: Audrey
(Final Fantasy 7) Now, this is what I'm talking about when I say "if you're going to write for FF7, make it original". Audrey gives us a look at Sephiroth ... from the point of view of his sword. The prose on this story is amazing.
By: Stewart Bishop
(Final Fantasy 9) What is it about the ending of FF9? I thought it was pretty self-explanatory, but we've gotten a flood of stories about it. This was one of the best; a creepy, twisted little story with some pretty chilling implications.
Dragon Knights' Lament: Those Who Fly
By: Jadealiya
(crossover) Our second poetic effort this week; this one is a lovely poem detailing the thoughts of Kain from Final Fantasy 4 and Freya from Final Fantasy 9.