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Ahem. Excuse me. I've got my Celtic music playlist running in the background, and some of this stuff is catchy as hell. I'm very fond of traditional music, particularly traditional Celtic. Then again, I'm very fond of a lot of types of music. So fond, in fact, that I can't turn around without tripping over a CD case, and I just had to buy an 80GB hard drive to house my MP3 collection.

"Nobody knows where he has gone; through his white bones the wind shall blow forevermore..."

Music can be a great inspiration when you're writing; at least I've always found so. I've got a few playlists that I've composed just because I wanted appropriate background music when writing. I can't tell you what in particular to pick, but pick something that makes you think of what you're writing -- either lyrics, or tone, or ideally both. I wrote one 15-page story with one song on repeat play for 8 hours once. (Soul Coughing's "Sleepless", in case anyone cares.)

Plus, if you can't think of a title, song lyrics usually work pretty well. ^_^

Notes From Fanfic Land

Until we clean out some of our backlog, we'll be running more than the standard 5-fic update -- as you probably have noticed over the past few updates.

We'll have the rules for the Best of 2000 Fanfic Awards next week; I wanted to have them for today, but it was a long week at work. Of course, next week is going to be longer...sometimes, I want to tell the Real World to bite me.

Plus, I've finally cleaned up the Writing Tips archive, tossing in all of the Writing Tips of the Week since we started doing this. If you have any to add, please do.

Writing Tip of the Week

Look for inspiration in the classical places. The best authors are the ones who can take the classical stories -- mythology and folklore -- and use the same themes and the same ideas in their work. I'm not saying to plagiarize; that's the quickest way to get your story rejected. But the reason that mythology and folklore has lasted so long is that it speaks to the universal truths and themes that have been passed down generation after generation. If your story speaks to those same truths and themes, the reader will identify with it even more.

Alanna "The Elf-Knight sits on yonder hill"

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New Fan Fiction - January 12, 2001
"For to see Mad Tom O'Bedlam, ten thousand miles I'd travel!"
Era's End
By: April
(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete) This is an end-of-game fic, taking place from Lemia Ausa's point of view. In it, Lemia reflects upon the past, and how her choices affected the heroes and the world.
By: Andrew Glasco
(Chrono Cross) After her world is turned upside-down, the faery Rosetta tries to sort out her feelings about humans and dwarves.
One More Song
By: Kris Schnee
(Crossover) What would have happened if Link, from Zelda: Majora's Mask, had found his way into the Final Fantasy 7 world?
Shades of Darkness
By: Shayera
(Final Fantasy 4) This is a great story about something we don't see very often -- Kain's thoughts on the world around him, and how he came to do what he did.
By: Viteros
(Chrono Trigger) We've seen stories like this before, but this one was so well-narrated that we couldn't pass it up. It's the thoughts of Magus, one of the best characters ever to grace a Square game.
If It Makes You Happy
By: Rivven
(Final Fantasy 7) This is another story where, while the plot itself might not be the newest idea, the writing is beautiful. Rivven looks into Vincent's thoughts about Lucrecia.