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In Lisa's Head: School. Approaching. Way too fast.
In Lisa's PSX: Suikoden II's been awhile since I updated last. I've had a pretty nice summer, as summers go. I did go to Europe for two weeks, which was absolutely amazing. ACIS took myself and twenty-one other high school students to England, France, Italy, Austria, and Germany during the short fourteen days we had to do so. It was a good experience for me...I've always wanted to see Europe. I'm obsessed with my British heritage and loved the two days we had in London, and especially getting the opportunity to go shopping in Camden Town.

But enough about that. I noticed Alanna was doing all the updates and I told her she had to stop doing all of our work for us. So I volunteered to do this one. We've been getting a lot of fanfiction lately, which is great...and, I'll add to Alanna's comments from last week - it's great to see more and more people following the guidelines. It's really not that hard to follow them, and it makes our job easier. Thanks to everyone who has been attentive about that. It really makes a difference.

But enough rambling on from me. Some spiffy new fanfiction awaits.

Notes From Fanfic Land

Have patience. We're a little behind at the moment, but that doesn't mean we didn't get your fanfic! Give us some time, be patient, and we'll definitely get back to you as soon as we can.

From Alanna: The phone company can bite me. Our phone lines keep going out on and off, which is why this didn't get up sooner.

Writing Tip of the Week

From John Zeitler ( When you're writing a comical piece, try to avoid the temptation to turn characters into two-dimensional stereotypes. For example, if you're writing a humorous Lunar 2 fic, Lemina should not always lunge at silver with no regard for her companions. (Though she does sorta do that, doesn't she?) Contrary to this, you should also make sure that what you have the characters do fits in with their established personalities.

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New Fan Fiction - 8/25/01
Michael Singer, it is your lucky day. Two fics of yours have been selected for this update!
White One
By: Michael Singer
(Final Fantasy VI) A detailed look into Umaro's past and how he came to play a part in the storyline of the game.
By: Saka Ogawa
(Grandia II) Taking place after the game, this piece concerns characters Roan and Tio and a conversation about the meaning of love.
A Nightingale's Song
By: Ani K.
(Final Fantasy VIII) A deeper look into the connections between Seifer and Quistis, as well as Seifer and Squall.
The Slave
By: Michael Singer
(Illusion of Gaia) A slave in the Diamond Mines ponders the torture and pain of his tasks in the mines.