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Guys? Where are you?

...Oh, yeah, right. Winter break. All of my assistants have deserted me, and Roger took the program that we have that automates our reviews and scoring system with him. So this week, we don't have our list of counts in the accept/reject list, and we haven't scored anything in three weeks.

In other words, fanfic is just a little messed up lately. ^_^ I still owe email to ten thousand people (I'm sorry, all of you), we haven't sent out our accept/reject letters in ages, and, well, in general, I've been a Bad Editor lately. You may all now feel free to email me rotten cabbage and horses' heads as a birthday present.

Yup, today's my birthday. Well, by the time this goes up, "yesterday" will probably be more accurate; 1/5. Double dozen; I'm getting old. I'm also sick -- my annual bout with bronchitis, which means that not only am I cranky and irritable about being sick, I can't smoke, which makes me cranky and irritable from nicotene withdrawl. What a birthday! *thud*

I hope that everyone had a good New Year's; I spent mine snowbound playing RPGs with two friends. Quiet night, but I like quiet nights spent with good company. Not a bad way to spend the real millennial turnover.

Notes From Fanfic Land

We've almost finalized our rules for the Best of 2000 Fanfic Competition, so look for that next update. The stories will be nominated by you guys, so start thinking back over the best stuff you've read this year and see what you'd like to nominate. There will be three categories: Best Comedy, Best Drama, and Best Overall Story. Stories will be judged on technical merit, literary quality, and relation to the game in question. The prizes haven't been finalized yet, but I've got some good stuff in mind.

Writing Tip of the Week

The only thing that I could think of this week is don't write when sick. Believe me, it just winds up coming out delirious and twisted. Almost like this update -- and this writing tip.

Alanna "sniff sniff cough hack hack wheeze"

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New Fan Fiction - Saturday, January 6, 2001
Since all of my assistants have disappeared for winter break, I've been left alone to choose fics all by my lonesome. As I'm the one who hasn't played many games, I apologize for the FF-centric nature of this week's update.
The Cast Remembered
By: Ben Bunting
(Final Fantasy 6) A look at the cast of FF6 in poetry; well-done, and more poetic than most of the poetry I've seen.
Compulsory Duty
By: Ersatz Sobriquet
(Final Fantasy 1) Written by someone with the most obvious pen name I've ever seen. ^_^ This is a rare and well-written look into the minds of some of the random monsters that the party fights.
Rain and the Dirty Years
By: Sydney Sama
(Final Fantasy 7) A haunting and beautifully-written tale of Tifa and her experiences in Midgar, in the years before the game began. It also has one of the best titles I've seen in a while.
Dream of the Devil
By: Margaret Rennie
(Final Fantasy 6) A familiar character through the eyes of the enemy, and the events leading up to a scene that everyone will recognize. Like all of Margaret's writing, it's well worth the read, and the opening line is a classic example of grabbing the reader's attention.
Edgar's Quest for Luv
By: Themis56
(Final Fantasy 6) Edgar tries to win the heart of his maiden fair, and in the process, gets some very bad advice about how to do it. Quite funny, in that kind of way that almost makes you ashamed of liking it. ^_^
Last Thoughts of a Dancer
By: Wallwalker
(Illusion of Gaia) I haven't played this game, but Wallwalker's story managed to touch me anyway. It's nostalgic in a painful kind of way, and holds a certain bittersweet longing that appeals to the Romantic in me.
By: Tofu-chan
(Final Fantasy 9) Our first FF9 fic, and a great one to start with. This takes place from the viewpoint of an enemy the party fights, and is a wonderful blend of innocence and duty. Yes, I'm being vague to avoid spoilers for the game, but read it anyway! (Spoiler warning)
By: Damian Dydyn
(Final Fantasy 8) A twisted and creepy story -- half allegory, half nightmare, and all disturbing -- about the inside of Seifer's mind, and his debts to Edea.
To The Sky
By: Ashley Cope
(Vagrant Story) I have to be vague again to avoid spoilers, but this is narrated by Samantha during the events leading up to her ultimate fate, and is a wonderful look at a minor and oft-overlooked character in the game.