Fanfic Noir

For our inaugural contest, the theme is Fanfic Noir. The goal is to write your fic like a Film Noir movie.

A definition of Film Noir from

Film Noir (literally 'black film or cinema') was coined by French film critics (first by Frank Nino in 1946) who noticed the trend of how 'dark' and black the looks and themes were of many American crime and detective films released in France following the war. It was a style of black and white American films that first evolved in the 1940s, became prominent in the post-war era, and lasted in a classic "Golden Age" period until about 1960 (marked by Orson Welles' Touch of Evil (1958)). Strictly speaking, however, film noir is not a genre, but rather the mood, style, point-of-view, or tone of a film.

Film noir is a distinct branch, sub-genre or offshoot of the crime/gangster and detective/mystery sagas from the 1930s (i.e., Little Caesar (1930), Public Enemy (1931) and Scarface (1932)), but very different in tone and characterization. Notable film noir gangster films, such as They Drive By Night (1940), Key Largo (1948) and White Heat (1949) each featured noir elements within the traditional gangster framework. Titles of many film noirs often reflect the nature or tone of the style and content itself: Dark Passage (1947), The Naked City (1948), Fear in the Night (1947), Out of the Past (1947), Kiss Me Deadly (1955), etc.

The contest opens Monday, February 20th and entries are due Monday, March 20th. Send your entries to with [CONTEST] in the header. All fanfics must meet the usual submission guidelines. You may submit a fanfic you have already written that has not been archived on RPGamer yet. All fics that meet the guidelines will be posted along with the winners on Saturday, March 25th.