Worlds Away From Reality
- Final Fantasy III - Final Fantasy VII - Breath of Fire III - Megaman X - The Little Mermaid -

I'm amazed at just how much support and praise Words has received. It is quite literally the best fic I have ever written. Eight chapters, five separate worlds, roughly fifteen characters, six bad guys, two airships, and fifty eight printed pages (from Wordpad with an 8-point Arial font).

It's difficult to sketch out the storyline to Worlds. The main character is (of course) Terra Branford. Supporting characters include Setzer, Rei, Vincent, Ariel, Megaman X, Kefka, Strago, Relm, The Emerald WEAPON, and a few brand new Brick original characters...

This is the first story I spent a lot of time on. I sketched out each chapter and gave it to my two previewers (show love to Kefka and Ariel). They read it, and told me what sucked. I hammered out the bad parts and now, here it is. I wrote it over the course of three summer weeks, and wrote two of the chapters (three and six) twice before I got them "just right."

The result? One of the (and I'm not drawing off my ego here- I actually believe this to be true) most original RPG crossovers on the web today. And it doesn't end there. Kefka and I (he inspires all my fic-related creativity in one way or another) have decided that, in all, the Worlds saga should span 24 chapters. Worlds 2 is in development and Worlds 3 is already on the drawing board. It's hard to do a crossover like this twice, and there is a good chance this is the last one I ever do.

One warning- before reading Worlds, I assume you have beaten Final Fantasy 3 and 7, having some kind of knowledge of the characters. The same goes for Breath of Fire 3. Also, you should have at least played one of the 4 Megaman X games to get a grasp on the storyline and setup thereof, and watched Disney's "The Little Mermaid" to familiarize yourself with all the charactesr. This story contains no spoilers to speak of, but if you don't know who I'm talking about you may have a speck of trouble reading it.

Below are the eight chapters of Worlds Away From Reality, which I have recently changed to .HTML format. I have also included on this page "Someone Else's Life," a short story I wrote which could be considered a prequel to Worlds, as well as the complete compilation of author's notes (which contain the disclaimer, character analyses, and reviews).

Worlds Prequel: Someone Else's Life

Chapter One

Chapter Five

Chapter Two

Chapter Six

Chapter Three

Chapter Seven

Chapter Four

Chapter Eight

Author Notes and Reader Reviews

This fic makes use of the following fonts:
News Gothic MT   OCR A Extended   Fixedsys
So make sure you have them before you read, aye?


Worlds Prequel

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