Dragon Knights' Lament: "Those who fly..."

I offer you my heart on a silver plate,

and you run it through with my spear.

I've found a new despair, I think,

Pain greater than my previous fear.

You run to him with that look in your eyes

Perhaps your love is all that it seems.

You look at me without recognition,

And with that look shatter all of my dreams.

But Rosa, if its true, where does that leave us?

Am I truly forced to admit defeat?

You turn now to leave as you did long ago

But this time we shall ne'er again meet.

I see now that which I have longed for

is hollow, and ever beyond my reach.

How to deal with such monstrous loss

Is the one lesson you forgot to teach.

Sweet Goddess of light you never saw me,

I had hoped to open your eyes...

Fratley: friend, love, and compatriot,

Heart and soul, you showed me the skies...

For this pain I betrayed a friend?

For this agony I abandoned my country?

And now here is darkness without end...

And now ruin's guilt falls to me...

I see in your eyes forgiveness,

I see my skills you will need,

Very well, for now friend I'll follow...

I'll follow where ever you lead.

"Will you go after him?" you ask in your innocence.

But how can I again give pursuit?

The last time I left death followed me,

And my objective proved to be moot.


Rising before me is the shadow of war,

And for my sins I must now atone.

It is true then, this lesson that I was once taught;

Those who fly end up flying alone...