"Relativity" by Mark Miller


It hit him forcefully, the sudden shock of being faced with an existance utterly alien and unrecognizable assaulting his battered mind. Breathing heavily, he got to his knees and looked down at his hands. They were cloaked in silky fabric, what seemed to be an odd mixture of velvet and wool. He looked down at himself. His body was clad in similar material. It was mustard yellow, with swirls of red and green. Arcane heiroglyphs and cuneiform symbols were also etched on his robes. They meant nothing to him.  He suddenly stood erect, feeling oddly constrained by his garments. He struggled to rid himself of them, but he could not for some reason. The heavy, gaudy robes seemed to be woven together in a devilish manner such as to prevent any removing of them. Feverishly, he felt about for his face, but was met only by the mocking feel of more robes. He seemed to be wearing some form of hood, and the robe that covered his chest didn't stop at his neck, continuing upwards and obscuring his features. The two were sewn together, forming a tight mask which concealed any distinct features. Even his eyes were covered by a small metal visor woven into the mask. Adorning his head was a sort of crown-like helmet, from which protruded a solitary horn. A feather jutted out of the side of the helmet. He grabbed his robes in an indistinct rage, attempting to free himself of them, but he could not. They covered him like a second skin.

He looked around at his surroundings. The world was pale blue. Something was moving in the air. A fish? He let out a short laugh. He was underwater. That was why his movements had been delayed and uncoordinated. But how could he breathe? Wracking his mind, all he could come up with was that there must have been some form of filtration system hidden under his heavy robes. He continued to survey the area. Stone pillars eroded by two forces which seemed similar in nature, time and water, held up the room. What looked like an altar was fixed to the floor. On it was carved the word "Walz".

Walz? He had no idea what it meant. How could he even read the language? He had no answers. He could not for the life of him figure out. He did not even know who he was. And then, something popped into his mind. One minute his thoughtscape was blank, the next it was occupied by another word. Gogo. Or was it GoGo? He had no idea, because just as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished. Was that who he was? Or was it where he was? Or where he had come from? He did not know. But what he did know was that he needed something to hang onto. Desperately.

"Gogo.", he said out loud, "GoGo!!!". The word comforted him. Yes, it was his name. It had to be. Gogo. It was all he had. He began to think. But he remembered nothing. Straining, he struggled to gain some glint of memory. And it came. All he could remember was falling. The realm that blanketed him as he fell seemed endless, unfathomable. He was but a speck falling in it. Where had he fell from, though? And how had he arrived here? His memory did not permit much. He had fallen from something that was moving, something metal. His memory failed him. Worse, none of the little of what he remembered made any sense. He focused.  Gogo decided that if he wanted to remain sane, he would have to ground himself thoroughly in the world he was now in. He had a name, and he had a location, even if he did not know where it was or why. He was underwater, that much he knew. In some sort of building. He would have to get out of it. Yes, now he had a purpose.

Something flickered out of the corner of his eye. He looked in the direction, and noticed something black and indistinct.  It was obviously alive, and moving. It was roughly human shaped, but possessed no features. Little flashes of coppery light periodically danced about on the figure's surface.

GoGo felt like screaming. This thing, it did not belong. It was going to tear everything he had away from him, he knew it. Feeling hatred rise up within him, Gogo growled and raised his arms in the air. He felt himself drawing on something more powerful than he, something larger. He did not know what it was, but he could feel himself channeling it's energies. In an instant, he released the energy, and a bright flash of irridescent scarlet light illuminated the cool underwater surroundings. Impacting upon the shade creature, the Fire burst tore a hole in the creature's velvety skin, and inky ichor blood flowed forth profusely. GoGo danced about in joy as he watched the creature disintegrate.

His celebration was short lived. The immediate threat was passed, but the display of power had only added to the onslaught of questions that were rapidly threatening to massacre his sanity and reason. How had he done it? Better yet, what had he done? Could he do it again? And what else could he do? Strangely enough, he didn't feel much like trying to do it again.

And then, it hit him. Something lying on the cold stone floor, glistening like a piece of a crystalline star. It was beautiful. He could barely look at it, it's pure, abstract white light burned through his eyes if he focused too much. How could he have not noticed it before? He felt strangely drawn to it, and without fear or apprehension, began swimming towards it. Leaning down without looking, he picked it up.

Peace. It exuded it. As GoGo's gloved hand clutched the shard, he no longer felt alone or afraid. It was power given form. He felt something flowing into his mind, something foreign yet friendly. It was ancient, he could tell, almost like a part of another person who had lived aeons ago. He did not know how he knew this, but he did. He held the shard closer to him, finding it had a chain attached to it. GoGo slipped it around his neck.

Suddenly, he felt a rippling of water behind him. Turning, he saw that another one of the strange shadow creatures was coming towards him. It too, was humanoid, but stooped over and short. GoGo could sense it's oily blackness poisonong the water.

For some reason, he felt no fear. He didn't even bother moving aside. The creature reared back, and then sent a curved punch to Gogo's chest. Nothing happened. The creature seemed weak compared to him. Then without thought, GoGo reared back as well and sent his fist flying forward, curving the arc slightly, hitting the creature just under it's neck.

It was sent flying backwards, spinning in the water until it hit a wall, and then shattered into indistinct oily ichor, destroyed. GoGo was astounded. Once again, he had successfully defeated an enemy without even really thinking. And the nature of his attack, he had copied exactly what the shadow creature had done! He could tell it wasn't merely a similar attack, but an exact replication. Thankfully, the answer seemed a lot clearer than last time. The power had come from the crystal shard. GoGo smiled invisibly under his coverings. Wherever he was, whatever he was doing there, the shard would help him. It suddenly occurred to GoGo that he was, in fact, rather powerful. It was true that he did not know the extent of the powers of the shadow beings, but he had destroyed two of them with little effort. GoGo decided it was now time to leave this place.

The sound of water rippling assaulted his ears. He turned towards the arched entrance door some ways off. In through it, four new humans came. GoGo was still having difficulty taking this all in. He clenched his fists defensively.

The newcomers looked a motley bunch indeed. One was a tall man, seeming to be in his early twenties. GoGo could not make out much of his appearance, because he was clad in some kind of stealth suit. It was jet black, and he also wore a mask. The man was carrying two swords. Both of them had medium length blades, both curved, and they looked extremely dangerous. The rest were females, albeit an odd assortment of them. One of them was of medium height, and possessed long, golden hair tied back in a ponytail. She was dressed in a green leather shirt and leg braces, along with a pair of sandles. She carried a golden edged harp. The second girl was covered in scaly, heavy dark blue chain mail with a few plates attached. She wore a helmet which covered her pinkish, shoulder length hair. The helmet was modeled after a dragon's head, with it's mouth open to accomadate her head. She wielded a long, elegant spear with symbols inscribed on the head. The third girl resembled the second, her hair was a similar length, except it was darker and purple. She wore a slinky gown which barely contained her muscled yet feminine features. There was a flower in her hair (which was now sodden weight and disintegrating), and she wore dancing shoes. The four of them looked at GoGo expectantly. They were all wearing oxygen masks, but he could tell their oxygen would not last forever.

"I'm Butz.", said the man with the swords.
"Lenna..", said the dragon knight girl.
"Faris.", said the dancer
"They call me Krile. Or Kururu, depending on which part of the world you're from.", said the girl with the harp.

GoGo was silent. This was almost an affront. He knew that they had come to take his shard away. But he had gotten it first, it was his. To hell with them.

"This shard gives me great power.", he said at last.

They continued looking at it. He could tell just by looking at them that they were supposed to be heroes or something. They were probably trying to think of some way to justify attacking him and trying to take his shard. Well, he would save them the effort.

"If you can beat me, you can have it. I can imitate anything. If you could find some way to imitate me, you could beat me...", he taunted.

Not bothering to reply, the dragon knight girl pushed forward through the water and thrust her spear into his side with all her might. GoGo's robe was barely scratched. He felt like laughing. Drawing upon the shard's power which was now in him, he felt around the water and clutched something, something invisible. It was almost like a pole. Not even knowing what it was, he swam upward and jabbed the invisible weapon into the girl's side just as she had done to him. It pierced the scaly armor and drew blood. GoGo smiled as the crimson fluid diffused throughout the water. He could not mimic a weapon attack because he did not possess the weapon, so he had just formed a similar weapon from nothing. And it had been effective.

Enraged, the man in the stealth suit kicked off against a wall and flung himself at GoGo, blades flying. The man cut through GoGo's robes to some extent, but there were only more robes underneath. Taking the initiative, GoGo formed his air weapons again, this time imitating Butz's blades and returning the attack with just as much fervor, slicing through Butz's ninja suit and into his flesh.

"We can't beat him, he's too powerful!", stated the dancer, Faris. She had considered going into one of her offensive dances, but decided that the nature of the water would slow her down and make it not as effective.

Butz panted, in pain. "Wait a minute, we have to think. He gave us a hint, he said if we could imitate him. Well what's his natural attack?"

The four of them did nothing, only eyeing GoGo down. He stared back. Time passed. The heroes began to run out of oxygen, but they persevered, not doing anything. More minutes ticked by.
GoGo decided that they had indeed figured him out. He would have to give up the shard after all. But what kind of cruel fate was that? These people obviously had something to fight for, something to live for. He considered attempting to join them. They seemed determined, and he would not be alone any longer if he went with them. But the rage that was welling up in him told a different story. He did not much care for people that were going to take his shard away, and worse yet, he still didn't know who he was, and he doubted that these people could tell him.

"You've figured me out, take it.", he said dejectedly, removing the shard from his neck and tossing it at them.

GoGo turned, not bothering to view their response. He had no idea what to do next. He thought back on all of what he could remember. The Fire attack he used on the shadow creature, what had that been? He struggled to recall how he had done it. It was on the tip of his brain, just dancing elusively out of grasp.

And then, he had it. Magic. He was a master of magic. It was one of his skills. He supposed he had others, but he would not concern himself with that now. Magic indeed. It was an interesting thought. He could recall other magicks, Meteor, Flare, Ice 3, X-Zone...

X-Zone. He rather liked that one. One minute something was there, one minute it was not. He could recall using it somehow, although he could not recall on who or what and when. He could recall the effects quite clearly, though. The target was simply swallowed into a gaping hole in the fabric of reality, cast off to who knew where. GoGo smiled. An idea had popped into his head. He was no failure. Screw these people. He had no interest in their cause, whatever it might be. Strangely enough, he could still feel power from the shard left in him. But alas, the shard was not for him after all, he thought. GoGo decided not to bother leaving this bizarre, sunken world after all. Oh, he would leave alright. But it would not be how he had previously thought.

GoGo silently chanted the incantation for the X-Zone spell, drawing on that hidden well of power he had accessed earlier. But when it came time to choose the target, GoGo selected himself. Finishing the incantation, he relaxed and let the spell take effect.

It was not as spectacular as GoGo had remembered for some reason. Instead, a circular, flat hole opened below him. Along with GoGo, the water in the room began flowing into the hole as if down a drain. Butz and his friends began to be sucked down as well, but before the hole could claim then, it closed up. The room quickly filled up again with water.

"He cast himself into the N-Zone?", Butz half stated, half asked.


GoGo laughed the whole way down. He outstretched his arms and let go of his inhibitions. He no longer cared. He smiled to himself as the hole in the air opened several scores of feet above ground, allowing himself  as well as a substantial torrent of water to fall through, and then closing again.

He felt nothing but falling forever, and it triggered a sense of deja vu in him. He struggled to remember for a few moments, but then let the power of the moment overtake him.

And then, there was impact. He fell, soaking wet and pained, crashing into the ground. He lay face down for several minutes, and then got to his feet.

I'm alive...., GoGo thought to himself. Despite being sodden wet and bruised, GoGo decided that no real damage had been done to him. He immediately looked around at his surroundings with interest.

Stars twinkled in the horizon. He looked upwards, and to his side, and noticed that the ground he was standing on seemed to be suspended like some massive island, floating on an endless ebon sea dotted with stars. It was, thought GoGo, utterly breathtaking. He felt a renewed energy pulsing through him.

He looked down. The ground was sandy and brown, and bordered by rows of crystals. Indeed, the very foundations of the world seemed to be formed from bluish crystals that twinkled and reflected light from the stars. He felt a tremendous sense of belonging and confidence in this place. He walked along the path happily, taking in the beauty and sheer ambience of the place.

So this is where people go when you use X-Zone on them, thought GoGo to himself, If I had of known it sent them there, I wouldn't have bothered using it on enemies., he concluded.

Suddenly, GoGo noticed something in front of him. It was some form of animal, he decided. He walked towards it. It seemed to be something like a goat, but, to GoGo's dismay, he noticed upon further inspection that it possessed a human's head.
GoGo looked down at it, trying to think of something to say. He decided that he was, by nature, quiet.

"Be you friend or foe!?", said the goat creature imperiously.

"I am GoGo...", said GoGo.

"Be you friend or foe!?", repeated the goat-man.

"I will not harm you..", said GoGo.

"Aye, that's reassuring. I was just preparing to attack.", said the goat-man.

"Do not attack me..", said GoGo.

"I shan't. What form of being might ye be, GoGo? Are you here by choice, or were you cast here by a foe?", questioned goat-man.

"I sent myself here.", said GoGo.

"Be ye a lapdog of X-Death's?!", questioned goat-man, a hint of fear and anger in his voice.

"Who is X-Death?", asked GoGo.

"You don't know!?", said goat-man, sounding shocked.

"No.", began GoGo, thinking for a few minutes before speaking any more, "I don't know anything about this place...I don't know anything about myself, I can't remember anything. I was in some place before here, it was underwater I think. Some other people came..I fought them for a while, but they took my shard, so I cast X-Zone on myself.", he finally concluded.

"Aye,", said goat-man, "I was sent here by a foe who cast X-Zone on me as well. This is a terrible place, GoGo. You seem to be suffering from amnesia..don't worry, come with me, I can help you. This place is called the N-Zone. It's a sort of subdimension hovering on the edges of the real world. The blackness we see around us is the Void, it is also known as Mu, the supreme power of Nothing. X-Death is a powerful Mage created from a tree by evil spirits. He seeks to harness the power of the Void for himself. Already he has ravaged the world. This is not a good time to be alive. This N-Zone is riddled with ancient monsters of unimaginable power, as well as everything that has had X-Zone cast on it. You never know what you might find here, it's very dangerous.  That's why we need to stick together. ", said goat-man, "Follow me."

Deciding it was the best thing he could do in his situation, GoGo obliged. As goat-man hurriedly trotted away, GoGo struggled to keep up with him. They travelled for quite some time, and GoGo could hear strange noises off in the distance. Once, they saw a dragon-like creature whose scales seemed to be made of crystal feasting on a dead animal, but goat-man seemed extremely afraid of it, and ran past it quickly. GoGo decided he didn't want to stick around, so he followed with equal pace.

Eventually, the pair came to a small mountain that seemed to be made of crystalline matter. Hurrying around the mountain, goat-man intoned for GoGo to follow him.

"We're almost there...", stated goat-man.

"Where are we going?", asked GoGo.

"You'll see...", replied goat-man.

They came to a dead end. Before GoGo could question this, goat-man emitted a shrill, inhuman sound. GoGo heard motion behind him. Turning, he saw an unusual sight: A pack of creatures looking nearly identical to goat-man. Suddenly, goat-man emitted another noise, and the horde of creatures rushed at GoGo. One of them bit deep into his leg with teeth that were more like a wolf's than a goat's or human's. Another leapt at him, hitting his chest and knocking him down. And then, they were upon him, ripping and tearing, biting and clawing.

In a way, GoGo didn't want to move. The betrayal had left deeper wounds than any the goat-creatures could administer, and he decided that he truly had little to fight for.
But something else stirred deep within him. Rage. Pure and simple, he was overcome with hatred at the wretched torment that had bestowed upon him.

Slamming his head sideways, GoGo impaled the single horn adorning his small crown-like helmet into the brain of a goat-man, grabbing another by the throat and hurling it aside. They kept coming, with powerful ferocity. GoGo managed to get to his feet and stay there, despite the determined efforts of the goat-men to knock him down. Focusing another spell, GoGo targeted the entire group. It was the spell known as Holy.

In a few instants, the air darkened. Suddenly, multiple rings of perfectly white, pure concentric spheres descended from above. The goat-men looked around in fear, but it was too late. The rings encircled them, spinning rapidly, bathing them in white light that burned with more intensity than the very heart of a star.

GoGo ran. Was even this place poisoned? He supposed it was. He ignored the anguish, both physical and mental, and continued running past the edge of the path. He stepped across the crystalline borders of the ground, and, with a final liberating leap, jumped off the edge into the starry darkness, into the Void.

GoGo fell forever.

He screamed all the way down. It was not a scream of fear, but a scream of anger, of frustration.
He looked up and saw the world spinning above him, getting smaller and smaller as every instant passed, until eventually it vanished. There was only blackness and the silvery light of the stars around him. And then in time, even the stars vanished. GoGo continued to fall, but after some time he could not even be sure if he existed any longer. Did this place, this Void, did it have a physical location, was it anything, or was it pure nothing as the goat-man had said? GoGo tried to measure time, but couldn't. How long had it been since he had begun his descent? Had he condemned himself to residing in this nothingness forever, a hell with only himself in it?

And then, it was over. Once more, GoGo felt the painful thud of concrete physical reality hitting him dead on. GoGo didn't even bother opening his eyes to see where he was. Was there no end to reality? All common logic dictated that he should be dead now. And, indeed, perhaps he was. GoGo supposed a better question would be, was there no end to consciousness? He suddenly had a great urge to look around and find out where he was.

He looked up suddenly, and took it all in, slowly. Although the aree he was in was expansive and truly quite large, it seemed somehow constrictive. Strangely, the ground he stood on was moist and oddly soft. GoGo suddenly realized with alarming clarity what was truly wrong with his surroundings. They were contracting in and out steadily, gently throbbing, as if breathing. GoGo was at once alarmed, intrigued, and cautious. Was he inside something living? Or was this just the nature of the place where he now was? There seemed to be various structures in the landscape, small hills, blocks, and paths. A fleshy bridge was directly in front of him.  GoGo found  it hard to breathe. He backed into a corner, feeling the moist stickiness pressed against his back. He did not feel much like moving. GoGo supposed that in time he would work up the motivation to head off to try to find where he was. It suddenly occurred to him that for as long as he could remember, he had been trapped inside something.There was comfort in having confined surroundings, but it was a restrictive comfort. He longed for freedom, openness. But here he would stay, for quite some time, GoGo decided.

Again the familiar sound of footsteps, now squelching against the vaguely organic floor, made themselves known to him. GoGo looked forward, disinterested. Into his line of sight came four individuals. GoGo briefly recalled the four who had defeated him for the crystal shard. It seemed so long ago to him. He quickly dismissed these newcomers as enemies. He silently hoped that they would attack him outright, instead of lying to him. GoGo suddenly found that he valued honesty more than almost anything. Although, he realized, he could not really be sure what was real and what wasn't.

"Damn, not quite the treasure we were hoping for, eh?", said one of the people. He was a tall man, and ropy cords of muscle were evident in his heavy biceps. His yellowy hair was cropped into a crew cut, and he wore an old faded shirt and black pants.

"Easy, he might be dangerous...", cautioned another man, who was wearing a velvet jacket and long dress pants. His hair was longer, and he looked more regal, yet he bore a striking resemblance to the first man.

"No worries Edgar, I don't think he'd really give us much to worry about..", replied the first man.

"Let's not judge anyone..", said the third. She was a female, and wore tight red pants and a coppery breast plate. Her hair was emerald tinted, and tied back in a ponytail. Her skin was pale, and she seemed both fragile and steely tough at the same time.

The fourth individual was a small creature, which barely came up to GoGo's waist. It seemed to be some form of cross between a small, straight furred bear and a grounded bat. It's eyes and mouth were mere slits, but it possessed a large, half sphere like pink nose. It had small, pointy ears, and ridiculously small limbs. Two tiny pink bat wings were attached to it's back.

"Hello?", gestured the green haired woman to GoGo, "I'm Terra."

"I am GoGo, master of the simulacrum..", stated GoGo, hoping that his mimicing skills still remained. In a way, he needed them. He had little identity of himself, he didn't even know who he was or where he had come from. What better way to remedy this than to copy the talents of others?

"Eh, sorry man, we thought this place was loaded with goods. Yeah, we found that Fake Moustache thing, but, well, to tell the truth, we just got swallowed by this monster. You been in this thing long?", questioned the muscular man.

So, he was inside a living organism. GoGo turned the information over in his mind. These people didn't seem to be especially traitorous, but he didn't trust them just yet.

"Hey, I'm Sabin, the world famous martial arts master.", said the muscular man, "This pretty boy here is my brother Edgar. The little punk is Mog.", he said, gesturing first to the man in the velvet jacket and then to the small creature.

"Tell me your story.", said GoGo. In truth, he did not know why he had asked this. Surely they had some reason to be here. He would judge from their response whether they were trustworthy or not.

"Long let the king handle it.", said Edgar. And so he began. Edgar, with periodic help from the others, told the story of how their world had been ravaged by an Empire that ravaged the world, took control, and meddled with divine powers, bringing about a great cataclysm that had rendered the world dying and crippled. From what GoGo could make out, these people and their friends had been on a years-long quest to stop the Empire, and more recently, a man known as Kefka who had harnessed the power of the Godesses. GoGo learned that they were inside of a massive, worm like creature on a solitary island at the edge of the world. In truth, GoGo could identify little with the newcomers' crusade. He realized once more that they were fighting for something that had nothing to do with him. All he desired was to find out who he was and why. But, perhaps they could help him find this. Indeed, their quest could help him get an insight into how to go about his.

"I will join you...", said GoGo.

Edgar looked to his brother as if to say "What?", but Sabin gave him a silencing look. Terra nodded in assent.

"Now, will somebody please tell me what the hell a simulacrum is? Kupo!", asked Mog.


The next few days were a blur for GoGo. He encountered many new people, the small group who were attempting to rid the world of Kefka, who apparently dwelled in a large tower formed from various debris fused together. The resistance group were now going to travel there in their airship and attempt to defeat him. And as GoGo dismounted the airship and stepped onto the ground of the tower, he still did not have any more sense of purpose than he had earlier. Just as he mimiced others' attacks, copying their skill, he was now taking part in a quest that was not his, fighting for something that did not concern him.

The battle to get to Kefka showed things to GoGo he had never imagined. He did battle with gods and monsters, creatures he never could have dreamt of. Through it all, he relied on his mimicry, using the skills of others and combing them to arguably become even more powerful than the original. Through it all, GoGo fought tirelessly, tearing through flesh, metal, and whatever else got in his way. Eventually, he and his newfound allies made it through to Kefka.

GoGo was barely paying attention as his allies began conversing with Kefka.

"I will exterminate everyone, and everything!", said Kefka.

"People will keep rebuilding the things you take from them.", countered Terra.

"Then I'll destroy those too.  Why do people rebuild things they  know are going to be destroyed? Why do people cling to life when they know they can't live forever? Think of how meaningless each of your lives is!", replied Kefka.

Really, thought GoGo.

"It's not the net result of one's life that is important.  It's
the day-to-day concerns, the personal victories, and the celebration
of life...and love!  It's enough if people are able to experience the
joy that each day can bring!", replied Terra hopefully.

"And have you found your "joy" in this nearly dead world of ours?", retorted Kefka.

"Yes! I know what love is...!", replied Terra.

"It is my dream to build a kingdom where I can guarantee freedom, and dignity.", added Edgar.

All those present began to recite things they were thankful for, or dreamed of. All except a silent creature known as Umaro and GoGo ventured something forth. GoGo was silent. He had found nothing here. The burning madness of the question of his existance continued to plague him. He almost felt like agreeing with what Kefka was saying.

The battle started. As Kefka began changing, amalgamating with the tower, focusing his power, the Light of Judgement, GoGo and his allies struggled to keep up with him, fighting all the way and pelting Kefka with a barrage of physical attacks and magic. GoGo imitated everything that was thrown at Kefka, dealing out damaging spells and mimicing weapon attacks. It occurred to GoGo that these people were fighting with all their being, struggling, risking their lives to preserve what little they had left. He was fighting only because they were, imitating them.

The end came. The diseased Kefka sprouted wings, and the battle continued until the eventual triumph of great good over odious evil occurred. As Kefka began dissolving into scattered particles, the heroes celebrated their triumphs and mourned their losses. All of this was still smudged in GoGo's mind. For the last few days, he had not truly been paying attention to events, and he still walked in a daze.

GoGo and his allies began exiting the tower, running in leaps and bounds. Their friendships and romances cemented for life, GoGo could sense that these were people who had spent a considerable ammount of time together, experienced suffering and joy together. They were almost a group soul. When one felt something, the others shared in it as well. GoGo had no part of this. Indeed, he did not belong. He wondered how long he could continue on like this.

As GoGo was attempting to pass a hole in the floor, he hitched a ride on a large metal crane and began riding over. However, a piece of his torn robe became caught on the crane, and before he could hop off, the crane began moving backwards again. As GoGo finally broke free, instead of landing on solid ground, he fell into the gaping chasm.  Scraping against metal bars, pipes, and grating as he fell, GoGo plummeted downwards, not even sure if there was anyone above calling for him.

Kefka's destruction had left a seemingly infinite ammount of free energy behind, the forces the Godesses had wielded as well as the Light of Judgement's combined might amalgamating together into a compact mass of churning power. Currently, this power was focused towards the exact center of the makeshift citadel, focusing in on itself. It coalesced, concentrated, and began contracting, drawing back into whatever form it had originally possessed. As it contracted into a few feet, it gained almost infinite density, becoming almost like a singularity, the very mechanism by which universes are formed.

Into this churning sea GoGo fell. As he crashed into the singularity, it's pure light brighter than a thousand suns, he felt himself falling even deeper, flailing wildly into an ocean of nothingness. As he fell downwards, he streamed through worlds, dancing on the edges of a trillion different realities, falling deeper and deeper into the very heart of creation itself.

As he continued his descent, tell tale signs of the normal physical world began to show through. GoGo felt a variety of sensations, and sensed himself entering some new world. As he fell, GoGo hit his head on something, it seemed like an elongated, carved piece of rock. The force of the blow knocked him out, and for a while he lay on the watery stone floor. And then, it came.


It hit him forcefully, the sudden shock of being faced with an existance utterly alien and unrecognizable assaulting his battered mind. Breathing heavily, he got to his knees and looked down at his hands. They were cloaked in silky fabric, what seemed to be an odd mixture of velvet and wool. He looked down at himself. His body was clad in similar material. It was mustard yellow, with swirls of red and green. Arcane heiroglyphs and cuneiform symbols were also etched on his robes. They meant nothing to him.  He suddenly stood erect, feeling oddly constrained by his garments. He struggled to rid himself of them, but he could not for some reason. The heavy, gaudy robes seemed to be woven together in a devilish manner such as to prevent any removing of them. Feverishly, he felt about for his face, but was met only by the mocking feel of more robes. He seemed to be wearing some form of hood, and the robe that covered his chest didn't stop at his neck, continuing upwards and obscuring his features. The two were sewn together, forming a tight mask which concealed any distinct features. Even his eyes were covered by a small metal visor woven into the mask. Adorning his head was a sort of crown-like helmet, from which protruded a solitary horn. A feather jutted out of the side of the helmet. He grabbed his robes in an indistinct rage, attempting to free himself of them, but he could not. They covered him like a second skin.

He looked around at his surroundings. The world was pale blue. Something was moving in the air. A fish? He let out a short laugh. He was underwater......

Author's bit: Well, how was that? Not exactly mind expanding, but hopefully you didn't regret reading it. =) Send comments/ criticism to either or .   -Mark/Spike

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