Reference List

In the spirit of FF9, I snuck some references to other games/some books into this story. Did you catch them all? Well, here's the more obscure or vague ones:

Nora has two refs--she looks kinda like an elf(FF1, FF2 (Origins), and FF3j), and the name of her job is a "Guardian"(FF6--ya know..the Guardian? Tho Nora's nothing like that...). Also, you prolly noticed that bow near the end...that's a FF4 ref. (What did Rosa use?)

I don't need to tell you about Chaos, do I? Actually, the reason there's a connection in my mind with Chaos/Necron is there was (I kid you not) a supposed "design document" on the old GIA that I swear looked like Chaos. I thought that might be Necron at the time I heard about that boss because of it. I was wrong(he doesn't), but I'm not getting rid of that connection :-)

Shiva saying that "if a Eidolon is killed, the person that Eidolon is joined to also dies" is a big fat FF4 ref.(I thought it was obvious) You know what happens to the summoner when her summoned creature dies in that game, don't ya?

When Cloud is thinking that "they'd have to cut my arms off to make me get rid of the Ultima Weapon"--that's a Vows and Honor ref. One of the main charas in the first book, Tarma, actually says something very similar at the end of that book. That idea struck me as so right for a chara's best weapon that I altered that line and used it here (I didn't remember the exact line, anyway). Hey, in real life it wouldn't be "the most powerful weapon" right?

Alanna--well, she's complicated. Her first name refers to the main character of  The Song Of The Lioness Quartet. The only thing the two Alannas share is the hair (they both have red hair) and the fact that both of them shorten their name when disguised as guy. That's it. The middle name is an obvious Phantasy Star ref, while her last name? Lifted off one of my psychology professors. Her speech pattern is partly lifted off my Intro to Psychology prof (yes she really did talk like that). Her personality is based on a few professors I had, plus a friend or two(and prolly a bit of me--you can't help that with your own character) The only thing she shares with me is the age(I was 28 going on 29 myself when I began this story). And obviously, the idea of a female thief is a Final Fantasy Tactics reference.

The "swordstaff" retracting/extending like that is a nod to The Crystal Star. That's a Star Wars book(check the credits for who wrote it).

The expression "swordbrother/swordsister/swordsib" is yet another Vows and Honor ref. However, it was "shieldbrother/shieldsister/shieldsib" in those books, but there's no shields in either FF7 or FF9--not really.

Cloud's hair bein' a mess in Chapter 4 like that (bird's wings) is a poke at my little brothers. Guess who has that problem?? And the youngest spikes his hair...

Tamorands are a Wizard of Oz reference...specifically, a ref from the Road to Oz by L. Frank Baum.

The name "Boko" is a FF5 refrence, and I'm not apoligizing for that name. See, I imagined that "Boko" is the equivalent of the name "Rover" for a dog. The way I was raised, if you name a dog "Rover" that had better be a really dumb dog, that's no joke. So, I reasoned that if you name a chocobo "Boko" that had better be a really dumb chocobo! And since the chocobo you get from that guy in Kalm is _really bad_ even if you max him out, can guess...

"Settling a dispute with the blade" is a Protector of the Small ref. Again, this is altered a bit--in the original, it was "settle a dispute with the lance" No lances here!

"Icicle" has a very...unusual history. It's a Harry Potter refrence, but you'll never find that character in any HP books. Why? Because at one time J.K. Rowling had been thought to have said that she was gonna use that for a name of a female Defense of the Dark Arts teacher, per a report on a reliable fan site (which is now dead, I'm sad to report). It turned out that either J. K. Rowling was misquoted or it was a stupid rumor, for she came back and said basically she didn't know where they got that and that there was never gonna be such a character. I felt sorry for Icicle, so I stole the name for a nickname for Cloud's mysterious teacher (That's why he's confused, he isn't sure if that's her real name) ^_^

The line that Cloud remembers about not breaking your partner actually is based on something my judo teacher said; he said "If you break your partner, you might not get another one" *laughs*! Though it's too true!

The fact that Alanna trains with weighted weapons is yet another "Song of The Lioness Quartet" ref. Except that Alanna in there practices with a sword WAY too big for her, not weighted weapons.

Did you see that "Chronos vai Triiger"? Yes, that's "Crono Trigger" misspelled on purpose. And the way the portal first appears is a very obivous Chrono Trigger ref. Hey, you mention "time travel" and "Squaresoft" or "Square Enix" in the same sentence, chances are you're talking about Chrono Trigger.

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