Crossover Fan Fiction
Author Title Games Date
Mary-Alice Davies Passing the Torch Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 9 11.20.03
Michael Greenhut Tears of Blood Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross 10.05.03
Ketsugi The Spirit Without Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 02.07.03
Giampaolo Bianchi Battle Shrimp! Tales of Destiny 2, Iron Chef 10.22.02
Jason Connor Spectres of the Past Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger 06.24.02
Alexander Bryanson Connection, via femme Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 7 04.01.02
Jeff Moore Until The End Of Time Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross 03.01.02
Benjamin Davis and Sean Swanwick Reunion Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, Harvest Moon 06.25.01
Gabe Colbaugh Reunion Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy 6 02.08.01
Jadealiya Those Who Fly Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 9 01.18.01
Paul Beaudoin I Can't Think of a Stupid Title for This Thing Star Ocean 2, Valkyrie Profile 01.18.01
Kris Schnee One More Song Final Fantasy 7, Zelda: Majora's Mask 01.12.01
Gabe Colbaugh A Pirate's Life Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy 6 12.24.00
Bodger Girlfriends Final Fantasy, Legend of Mana, anime 08.24.00
David Solomon The Playstation Final Fantasy series, etc (Matrix parody) 07.28.00
Mason Wheeler Spare Time Final Fantasy series 07.14.00
James Robinett (Trust me on the) Echo Screen Final Fantasy VII, "Trust me on the Sunscreen" 06.23.00
DarkMoogle Masamune Final Fantasy series 06.16.00
Stephen Garrett Jr. Darkness Ascending Star Wars, FF7, FF4, Chrono Trigger 05.26.00
Geode Chocobo Park Final Fantasy 7, Jurassic Park 05.05.00
Jack Final Fantasy CCCLXXVIII (378) Final Fantasy series, etc. 04.21.00
Brickroad Beyond Mu Final Fantasy series, etc. 04.07.00
Brickroad Worlds Away from Reality Final Fantasy series, etc. 03.30.00
Mark Miller Relativity Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VI 03.01.00
Thomas Wier Final Fantasy de Shakespeare Final Fantasy VI, William Shakespeare 01.02.00
Brian Maday Birth of the Terrors Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IV 12.14.99
David Solomon The Greater Enemy Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, SMB, Starfox, STH, James Bond 12.05.99
Brian Maday Legacy of the Cetra Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy IV 11.29.99
Kathryn Those Chosen By the Planet Final Fantasy VII, The X-Files 08.31.99
Kacey LaVey The Wizard of Mideel Final Fantasy VII, Wizard of Oz, Smurfs 05.28.99
Adam L. Much Ado About Baham Final Fantasy series 05.28.99
Andrew Wong The Adventures of Wedge - Part II Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy Tactics 01.14.99
Adam L. History of the Musamune Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VII 12.8.98
Michael Eaton Life Becomes Soap Opera Final Fantasy VI, VII, RPGamer FF Series Message Board 10.25.98
John Zeitler Art Burn Final Fantasy VI, Kirby's Dream Land 3 10.25.98
Chris S. Horn The Four Elements Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII, Chrono Trigger 10.19.98
Fritz Fraundorf Mr. Sith Goes To Washington FFVII, FFVI, SoM, Brave Fencer Musashi, etc. 9.4.98
Brian Sebby The Worst Final Fantasy Fanfic Ever FF VI, VII, Tactics, Star Trek, X-Files, Babylon5, etc. 6.14.98
Adam L. The Unforgivables Final Fantasy I, IV, V, VI, VII 4.25.98
Christopher La Bianca Final Fantasy 007: Gold Chocobo Final Fantasy VII, James Bond 4.25.98
Fritz Fraundorf Blue and Green Final Fantasy IV, VI, VII, BOF, BOFII, SOM, Wild Arms, Xenogears, ChronoTrigger, etc 4.10.98
Matthew Schuele Connections Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, Tactics 2.24.98
Chris S. Horn The Game Final Fantasy IV, V, VI, VII, Chrono Trigger 2.12.98
Andrew Wong The Adventures of Wedge Final Fantasy VI, VII, Chrono Trigger 1.26.98
Kimberly Scott What REALLY Happened to Vicks and Wedge Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI 12.9.97
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