Xenogears Fanfiction  
Author Title Date
Demovere Xeno A Child's Legacy 11.07.04
Kailyssa Lockheart Angel of Silence 05.05.03
Al Kristopher I Am The Walrus 11.09.02
Heather Rogerson White Gloves 05.19.02
Roger Ostrander Quantum Gears 03.11.02
Reiciel Reflections: Miang's Conflict 02.19.02
Kasmi Kassim Between Heaven And Hell 11.02.01
Mess Pick Of The Litter 10.26.01
Josh Gurfinkel Introspection 09.08.01
Calis Cheah A Piece Of Me 07.18.01
Azusa Kuraino Things Left Behind 03.02.01
Melissa McClendon Bliss 02.08.01
Azusa Kuraino and Amber Michelle Memory and Desire 10.29.00
Amber Michelle and Rune Grey Last Before Morning 10.22.00
Little Trowa-san Stars and Darkness 09.18.00
Brickroad Since Then 07.28.00
Ladyfox Hands and Tomorrow 07.01.00
John Villanueva and XenoChick Pain and Warmth 05.26.00
Amber Michelle and Rune Grey Shinigami 05.26.00
Azusa Kuraino Laments of a False Messiah 05.05.00
Ashlea Lierman Prometheus Bound 04.28.00
Sunita Srivastava A Moment In Time 04.28.00
Mike Nieforth Xenofic Writer 04.28.00
Mess Genesis 04.21.00
Mike Nieforth Krelian's Plans 04.21.00
Alanna Love-Song of an Angel 04.07.00
Alex Weitzman The Witness 03.30.00
Kyra Jucovy Identity 03.23.00
Amber Michelle Static 03.23.00
Evan Jenkins Alpha 03.16.00
Rune Grey Reflections 03.16.00
T. Avery The Silent Observer 03.16.00
Laufingboy Pillar of Wind 03.09.00
Saki Wright Departure 03.09.00
Chad Harger The Real Ricdeau 03.09.00
Ben Ford Moonlight 02.10.00
W. Reid Emerson Rebirth 01.02.00
Alanna Genesis 12.22.99
Janus Calloway Darkest Before Dawn 12.14.99
Azusa Kuraino On The Edge Of Night ** 12.14.99
Li Xian Haunted Dreams 12.14.99
Irwin Kwan Dinner With Shitan 11.29.99
Chris Vogel Gethsemane 11.29.99
beeblebabe Kiss 10.27.99
Mark Miller In The Beginning Was The Word 10.13.99
Amber Michelle The Sea and Skyborne Cries 10.13.99
Lisa N. Drive 09.30.99
Rebecca McKenzie Last Request 09.20.99
Alanna Mothers of the Disappeared 09.20.99
James Thorne Heartless Shade Phoenix 08.12.99
Marie Hammer 08.12.99
Naomi Forever 08.12.99
Amber Michelle Shinonome 08.12.99
Azusa Kuraino Obsession 08.02.99
Irwin Kwan Based on Emotion: The Zeboim Saga 08.02.99
Rune Grey Masks 07.15.99
Chad Harger The Fading Jewel 07.03.99
Ahmad Putra Arifin Emeralda 07.03.99
Alruhi Pretty Song ** 06.19.99
Sunita Srivastava Separate Lives 06.19.99
Jeff Herrold Legendary Power 05.28.99
James Anderson The First 05.28.99
John Moors Heroes 05.28.99
Azusa Kuraino Advent 04.08.99/ Revised 05.07.99
Jeff Herrold Broken Mirror 04.08.99
Alruhi The Music Box ** 04.08.99
Deona Lindholm Eve Before Judgement Day 04.08.99
Roger Ostrander Mahanon 04.08.99
Irwin Kwan Heart 03.25.99
Calis Cheah Old Ghosts 03.25.99
Mihrage Willhauck Father Of Mine... 03.25.99
Janus Calloway Ramsus and the Elements 03.11.99
Alanna Mourn Not For Angels ** 02.25.99
Calis Cheah Eternal 02.25.99
Rune Grey Guardian Angel 02.25.99
Irwin Kwan The Questions Asked 02.11.99
Calis Cheah The Demon Within 01.28.99
Michael Ashby Sins of Time 01.28.99
Amber Michelle Shadows Falling 01.28.99/ Revised 06.13.99
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