Tales Series Fanfiction  
Tales of Destiny
Author Title Date
Gabe Ricard Going Home 09.11.00
Athena Shaia Magnus The Laughter of Children 05.11.00
Alruhi Cradle Song** 05.28.99
Phang Ho Soon Dorian 12.8.98
Tales of Destiny 2
Author Title Date
Ketsugi Itsumo 07.23.02
Tales of Phantasia
Author Title Date
Rocco Cremonese Luster 08.25.04
Tales of Symphonia
Author Title Date
Omniflyer Corrine's Bell 10.05.05
Cylla Lost Angel 05.07.05
Brian Conley Snow Dance 05.07.05
Brian Conley Sorrow and the Moon 11.21.04
Ron Gade Relaxation Techniques 10.27.04
Chiranka You Stupid Chosen 10.27.04
Tales of Legendia
Author Title Date
Derek Thompson Tear My Pride Away 06.18.06
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