Other Fanfiction  
Diablo 2
Author Title Date
LaufingBoy Loman's Story 04.30.02
Dragon Force
Author Title Date
Gunner Prologue 11.23.01
Dragon Warrior VII
Author Title Date
Samuel Apple The Last of the Grey Rain 05.05.03
Final Fantasy X-2
Author Title Date

The Box


Blurring the Lines





Fire Emblem 7
Author Title Date
Al Kristopher Renault 07.18.04
Kings Field
Author Title Date
Melissa McClendon Sacrifices 04.01.02
Author Title Date
Benjamin Forsberg Rude Awakening 09.09.04
Phantasy Star II
Author Title Date
Brian Maday The Wizard and the Huntress 4.14.00
Chris Vogel Bridging Worlds 08.31.99
Phantasy Star IV
Author Title Date
Jason Levine Through Tears 12.16.02
Phantasy Star Online
Author Title Date
Soliptic Project Sols 03.19.02
Laufingboy Bernie 06.13.04
Author Title Date
James Robinett Charmeleon 04.14.01
Blackjack Gabbiani Crowning Glory 02.20.01
Stewart Hart Walkin' Trouble 07.06.00
Sunday Knight Thoughts 04.28.00
Uiru Pokemon: Fire Strike 11.05.99
Troy Roberts Trouble in Celadon 05.28.99
Derek Rumpler Codename: Scyther 04.23.99
Blake Blackwing Perspective 02.11.99
SaGa Frontier
Author Title Date
Lynn Utsukushii Existence 12.23.01
Alison Plath Windows Of The Soul 11.09.01
Joshua Davis The Allure Of A Rose 10.26.01
Julia Zebley Wilting 11.15.00
Ismene Thorns 05.28.99
Nathan Withrow The Merging 7.30.98
Sakura Wars 2
Author Title Date
Oliver Chooi Star Crossed Lovers 08.21.02
Sakura Wars 3
Author Title Date
Oliver Chooi Grief Of The Blue Sea 06.24.02
Secret of Mana
Author Title Date
Joshua Davis The Truth 05.24.01
Justin McWhirter Untitled 10.16.00
Patrick Waters Where Angels Fear To Tread 7.6.00
Mana Maybe If 4.14.00
Melusine Moonlight Sonata 3.9.00
J. M. Stalker How it Began 8.27.98
Benjamin Avner Closer 7.30.98
Peter Belc The Warrior's Fall 4.17.98
Daniel Teahl Secret of Mana: The Training 4.10.98
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne
Author Title Date
Jonathan Lundback Eggnog 05.07.05
Suikoden 4
Author Title Date
Catherine Rain Fire That Passes 03.09.05
Skies of Arcadia
Author Title Date
Wallwalker The Best of Impressions 03.09.05
Wallwalker No Good Deed 12.01.04
Wallwalker The Happiest Day of Your Life 12.01.04
Annie Felis Hopeless yet Helpless 03.01.02
Threads of Fate
Author Title Date
Gabriel Ang Finally Free 05.05.03
Wild ARMs
Author Title Date
Itz Mouldy Into The Wilderness 05.07.05
Dee A Guardian's Prayer 11.29.00
Nomi Sunrider Cry to the Heavens 07.21.00
Dee Another Ordinary Night 07.14.00
Stephanie Watson A Day in the Life 03.16.00
Stephanie Watson Destiny of a Swordsman 02.10.00
Matthew Scribner The Quest for Hiades 10.27.99
Morrigan The Perfect Prey 06.06.99
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