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This is your introduction. Basically, you are to explain what it is you are doing, what your medium is, and what you plan to show us. You can make it witty, savvy, funny, serious, teacher-like, whatever. That is your choice, but simply introduce us to what you're about to teach us. You can even give a little history lesson. For example if you were doing a tutorial on baroque and how to do some of the techniques, then you could give a history as to what it is, where it came from, and who founded the form.

This second paragraph will discuss how to prepare for what you will be teaching. What medium did you use, what program did you use, what brushes you will be using and if they're special where to get them. Just a note; RPGamer does not condone or promote the use of illegal material. If your brush, font, or program is not legal you need not tell us where you got it, if it is, or how to get it. If you use a digital medium, all links will be checked prior to posting to see if they are shareware/freeware. If you use a legal copy of a commercial program, device, brush, tool, or medium then you may tell us here. In other words, do not brag about your "1337 warez" here. Your tutorial will be pulled.

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This third paragraph is to begin your tutorial. How to start your figure or process, what lines to draw, how to draw them, and why. You are urged to take up as much space as you need here to explain your processes completely. You can also use this paragraph to discuss the second step, filling out whatever you are doing and how to go about it. Don't just say "and now you draw eyelashes", tell us that each eyelash must be unique, drawn as it's own line and curved slightly in the direction of choice. Explain why you have to do it that way, then show us in the picture.

Fourth paragraph should have you in the middle of your process. What you do before you're ready for the final touches, details, colors, or design. Usually these two can be covered in the thumbnail to the side. Make sure you are teaching, not just telling.

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Fifth paragraph should be adding your final touches on, which is to be shown in the thumbnail. This is the details on pants, folds, the shadows and highlights, or whatever you do to polish the picture you just finished showing us how to do. This is the next to final step and the final step all rolled into one, basically. Explain why you did all the above, and if you did some steps that seemed meaningless above, tell us about it here.

This is the final paragraph, which is to be your summing up paragraph. Again detailing what you used, what you just taught us, and telling us a brief review of all the steps. Also any additional information you want to give, like where your webpage is, how long this took you to make, etc. This is the paragraph with no real standards. Just try not to get me into trouble with links here. If you do a link at all, it MUST be in the format listed in the comment.

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