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What is fan art?

Fan art is any medium of art in which a character of a game is celebrated. As this is an RPG site, the subjects are characters, settings, events and themes in role-playing games. This section, in general, is for drawn or rendered art of characters, scenes, or designs of any existing character.

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What do you look for?

We don't have a huge amount of space, so we're very limited in what we select but the usual critera are...

Originality of Composition - This is pose, angle, and expression in general. Most of the time an interesting angle of a character with a nice pose will make it over a character which looks stiff and unintereating.

Color Composition - This is good coloring. If you have a color scheme which is not harsh on the eye, but if you have a color mixing that is harsh and clashes you could be passed up.

Appropriateness - This is a public site, open to all ages including those who shouldn't see mature themes like sexuality, vulgarity, and gore. Due to this, blatent sexuality(sexual contact with any body parts or showing of any parts), vulgarity(anything you wouldn't show a catholic nun), and gore(excessive amounts of blood) will not be accepted.

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How do I submit fan art?

Rules and methods for submission are listed in the Submission Guidelines. There are a few other things you should know.

  • If you're new and you missubmit, then thats ok. However, if you keep submitting artworks in that don't follow the rules, you can and probably will be rejected. Everyone is assumed to have read and know the rules.

  • Please submit each piece of art or URL once only! Submitting it repeatedly won't make us more likely to post it. In fact, it could very well ruin your chances.

  • Still pictures should be submitted as jpg files. Any HTML, .scr, or .exe files will be immediately deleted on assumption they are virii(plural of virus).

  • You may either upload your pictures to a web site somewhere and send us the URL, or send your art as an attached file. If you do wish to attach your artwork, please don't send files bigger than 256k. If you read the guidelines, this shouldn't be a problem.

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What's the deal with crediting artists?

RPGamer will list your artwork with your name, the title, the characters/game illustrated, and your comments. You may wish to sign your artwork with any combination of your name, or URL.

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What are my rights as an artist?

There are several things that you are/aren't entitled to as a fan artwork artist. It is in your best interest to know these things, so read them carefully.

  1. Since you are the artist, you retain certain rights. First is the right to that specific image. You own your image as you drew it, however you do not own the rights to that character or that character design or name.

  2. You are not the owner of the characters you have drawn. They, and their poses, design, and likeness are copyright to their respective designers. For example, if you draw Lulu from Final Fantasy X with her dress up to her hip checking her stocking you own that composition, that picture. However, Lulu as a character still belongs to Square and the design still belongs to them. You only own the picture you drew, nothing more.

  3. When you submit your artwork, you are submitting it to a public site and giving the rights to the staff of RPGamer to post it. However, you are also giving permission to people to view it and save it on their harddrive. You are not giving them permission to remove your information and resubmit the artwork as their own.

  4. Anyone who is caught removing any information from a piece and resubmitting it to RPGamer as their own work will be dealt with swiftly. The infringing work will be removed, if it has been posted, and the original artist will be notified of this action if at all possible. You also open yourself up to public condemning as well as possible litigation. Don't do it.

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How do I contact an artist if I'd like to use their art?

Most artists submit e-mail addresses or urls for their personal pages which may be used to contact them. It is encouraged that you e-mail the artist to ask their permission if you can use their fanart, however being this section is run on art that is drawn from or using other people's art, it is not required. It's good manners.

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Will you tell me if my art has been accepted?

Usually, no. Due to the volume of e-mail that comes from submissions, and the work that has to go into fixing various areas of the section e-mailing each artist would take too much time. However, if you are curious as to the status of your work e-mail the curator at their personal e-mail address listed under "Contact the Curator" and ask as to the status of your artwork. Let them know what you drew, and what it looked like and they can give you an answer.

If you are wondering why your art hasn't appeared, and no one hasn't gotten back to you, check to see if you have followed the guidelines. If you have, your work may not have been accepted due to numerous other reasons.

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How will I know when my artwork is posted?

You should check every week or two. If you miss a week, you can check the archives. Postings are limited to between 8 and 20 per week so as to not overload the page. Usually, a single work which stands out will be featured in the first slot. The rest will be posted in no specific order.

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What are the Feedback and Revisions sections all about?

The Feedback section is a part of the column in which one of the week's submitted works has been selected by the Fanart Director to receive critique. This is an effective way to provide the artist with advice advice, and at the same time benefit all readers interested in artistic ideas.

This is by no means a negative thing, and nobody should feel bad if their work is selected for this weekly feature. However, if your work is chosen, you will always have the right to request that the Director's comments be removed for any reason at all, and it will be done as soon as possible.

Both sections are down until further notice

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Are you in charge of all the art on RPGamer?

No, I only handle the fanart section of the interactive parts of RPGamer as well as Game pages. Any time you see the word "Fan Art" or "Fanart" on this site, that is what I am in charge of. Any other interactive or art sections are handled seperate by either the media staff or the respective section heads.

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What are the rules about linking to the Fan Art section directly?

You should link to The Fan Art main page changes weekly, so unless you are willing to update the link weekly as well, you should avoid doing this. Don't link to the fan art directory (, that will only get you an error message.

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What are the rules regarding links to RPGamer fan artwork?

Please don't link artwork on RPGamer on your home page, even if you have the artist's permission to show it. This is a bandwidth issue for RPGamer, and due to such we ask that you do not directly link to any fanart images.

If you do want to copy it to your own site, be sure to ask the artist FIRST! Use common courtesy, and respect the artists's hard work, please.

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If you still have questions or feel something should be added to the FAQ, please e-mail the current fan art curator at and put "attn: FAQ" in the subject line.


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