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Can't Stop Fallin' in Love

This title is in reference to both the DDR song (for I am a newly found DDR addict), and to the fact that last night, a character I play in an online D&D session got married. I don't know what it is about me, but almost all of the characters I play end up falling in love at one point or another... Oh well, probably best not to ask.

I'm sorry about the delay. My internet connection has been very unstable- going down for at least 5 days every two weeks, usually more than that.

Webcomics. Some of them are bad. Some are good. Some of them are hilarious, and some of them are just plain disgusting. I've been reading a lot of webcomics when connected to the internet via my school's network in the commuter lounge. I can't update from there because there's darned little I can do without Photoshop and FTP access, neither of which are possible on the computers there.

Today's update is essentially the best of the best of what was sent in over the past 3 weeks. If your work didn't make it in, don't feel discouraged. I'm only posting about 5 to 10 percent of all the art I've recieved over the past several weeks, and a lot of art that would normally have made it in didn't make it this time because of size and time constraints. So keep sending it! If my connection is stable, I should have another update in a week.

If anyone is wondering what sort of art I've been doing lately, you can click here for a recent example, or for more artworks of various types, but not as recent or as good, you can go to my art page and marvel at some of the old junk I have lying around there.

Now enough of my art, on to your art!


New Fan Art


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"Great Summoned Beast"
Artwork by Michael Beckett
Summoner and Leviathan, Final Fantasy Tactics

Comments: What can I say? I love to summon. Leviathan has been one of my personal favorites, since FF7. Anyway, I tried to give this drawing a good sense of motion, what with Leviathan's rolling curves and the slanted edge of the dark water against the white of the paper. For all my misgivings about not doing a detailed pencil sketch first, I think it turned out alright.


thumbnail - click to view
"At Camp"
Artwork by Ixis
Momo, Breath of Fire 3

Comments: You know how you can camp in BofF III? I was thinking of what it would be like in camp and decided to do a picture of Momo with her hair down (she has to at some point, right?). I think this would be right before she goes to sleep. Hair loose, no glasses, I guess that's a nightie....... just don't ask why she's still wearing the hat (oh wait- it's Momo. She's absent minded. This works....). This was one of my first experiments in pen in a loooOOOooong time so it not exactly the way I wanted it to be, but.........

thumbnail - click to view
"Auron the great guardian"
Artwork by Wa'el
Auron, Final Fantasy 10

Comments: I tried hard to come close to the real one ^ ^i hope you people like it;) wish me luck next time :)

thumbnail - click to view
"Beatrix of Alexandria"
Artwork by Steven Eric
Beatrix, Final Fantasy IX

Comments: She's one of those character that you know you just HAVE to draw sometime ^_^ And yes, I know her sword looks a bit different here... that's because I couldn't find any good reference pictures of it. =P Drawn in plain 2B pencils, colored in Photoshop.

thumbnail - click to view
""Dark" Cloud"
Artwork by Naska
Cloud, Kingdom Hearts

Comments: KH Cloud is just too slick :D~

thumbnail - click to view
"Freija as a Dancer"
Artwork by Christopher J. Snowdon
Freya, Final Fantasy IX

Comments: Freija as a dancer. If any of you remember the old FF IX concept art from way back when, then you remember Square originally planned to use the Job system in the game. This picture was partially inspired by the idea of how Freija might look in a dancer costume. I was inspired by some other fanart that I've seen to work Freija's normal outfit into the design and wound up with a modified version of the Cleyran maiden's dress. I really had no idea what to do for a background, and didn't want to wind up adding one as an afterthought, so I decided to try and make it look like something out of the FF IX art book using the two other Freija pictures I'd done as uncoloured sketches. Unfortunately I didn't have access to the .PSD of 'JUMP!', so I quickly sketched up a rear costume view like one of the many in the actual art book, that's just supposed to be the orange shirt and pants she wears underneath her red coat.

thumbnail - click to view
"Hope and Despair"
Artwork by Etrien
Ghaleon, Dyne, Magic Emperor, Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete

Comments: I think this is my first fanart I've really ever done, and probably my fourth or so pic I've ever done on the computer. It's a picture of young Ghaleon, young Dyne, and the Magic Emperor. People who've played the game will understand the connection between the three. I drew it first with pencil, then scanned it in, and did all the rest in Photoshop. I've always been a fan of Dyne and Ghaleon, and I really wish more was given on their backstories. Oh well, maybe in Lunar 3? ^^;

thumbnail - click to view
"Lucca -- Faces"
Artwork by Lucca Luvr
Lucca, Chrono Trigger

Comments: For my fourth piece on Lucca, I decide to go with a variety to different angles to show in a more dynamic style. Hope you guys approve, and I hope you could let me know whether I'm improving on my penciling skills. Well, enjoy!

thumbnail - click to view
"Midnight Battle"
Artwork by Collin Otto
Katt, Ryu, and Rand, Breath of Fire II

Comments: I did this piece because I decided that there wasn't enough Breath of Fire fanart coming through these days, and with the GBA rerelease of BOF2 I couldn't resist. I drew the picture in pencil, then I scanned it and colored it in photoshop. It took me a day or so to do. I liked how it turned out with the exception of my boy Ryu in the background. I think he could have turned out much better. But all things considered I like it. If you have a critique or any questions just drop me a line!

thumbnail - click to view
"Squall Photo I"
Artwork by Adyti
Squall, Final Fantasy VIII

Comments: I love this game. I like drawing Squall, this is just one of serries drawing for my dojinshi. I like put him in black. All done in watercolour & Black ink.



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