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The Y2K Update Bug December 22nd, 1999
nigel's update ^_^ Nigel says: This page is not Y2K compliant. The next update will go horribly wrong causing planes to fall from the sky, nuclear missiles to launch, and the microwave to overcook my lunch.
Whistle while you Work December 10th, 1999
Dear Finals: I hate you. I hate you verrry, verrry much. You do not respect my authori-TAH. Brain = mashed pototoes. Ow. *whistle*
Turkey Day Again November 25th, 1999
Lots of Turkey + Grandparents staying till Christmas = BIG FAT LORELAI.... *urp*
The Road Not Taken November 15th, 1999
I'm not sure why I chose this title. It made sense when I picked it, but now I can't remember why I picked it. Doh. Oh well.
Ye Olde EVIL Gallery Helper November 5th, 1999
Gack, sorry for the non-lorelai update. Kouryuu kidnapped me and duct taped me to a chair while she took over my laptop and did a fanart update...Ok ok, so that's a lie...I owe today's update to Kouryuu. Thanks SO much, KouKou-san!!!
Cripes October 30th, 1999
Lore's stress'n'straining, white-hair-inducing, all-around-hellish irrelevant. Check out this small update before the big bash, which will be guest-hosted by Fanartist and Friend, Kouryuu ^_^ Enjoy this calm before the storm!!!
Please don't die on the table October 17th, 1999
Smaller, Normal update. Lore still tired. Lore dies on the table. On a happier though...It's my sister's birthday today. (an excuse to go by FF8 for me...I mean, HER! hehehehe)
Success: Update Found! October 2nd, 1999
Whew! Finally managed to pull an update. To reward you for your patience, I've pulled a real whammy this week: again, its' one of those 40+ things! Enjoy! Now excuse me while I go rest my poor eyeballs! ^_^;;;
A steamrolled Pikachu? September 19th, 1999
^_______________^ . o O (do I look steamrolled to you???)
It's Rinoa's Show September 12th, 1999
Rolling out the red carpet for Rinoa Heartilly!!!...I wonder if she likes Prozac Cookies.
Kore nan desuka September 4th, 1999
Ok ok I promise I won't use any more japanese phrases ^_^ I'm happy to announce that the newsletter for Prozac Cookies AND the building of the Prozac Cookies website is going great! Hope it opens soon! Thanks to all volunteers!
Hajimemashite August 27th, 1999
Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Lorelai desu. Hajimemashite, dozo yoroshiku! Kore wa Fan Artwork Section desu. Sugoi, ne? Sigh, I have much to learn in Japanese 1A...
Patroness of Art August 20th, 1999
I am now Lorelai, the Patroness of Art! Bow to me! Hahaha...yeah right, I wish...Anyway. I bestow upon you some very good fanart today. Now excuse the Patroness of Art while she watches Voyager.
Oh Really. August 13th, 1999
This day is cursed. Oh! I know why I'm so grouchy! It must be because today's Friday the 13th! Anyway, enjoy the fanart, at least THAT'S not cursed ^_^ Ja ne!
Finally! August 2nd, 1999
Whew, I've spent so much time typing already that I can't think of a witty blurb for this art summary. Suffice it to say...good stuff. come visit. newsletter good. mucho updates. okee, bai bai. ^_^
Birthday Bash! July 26th, 1999
Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sympathies! RPGamer's a great place to spend your time when you're sarcasm in there! =) Enjoy today's update, I put extra energy into it for you all!!! 40+ works...say thank you!! (whew...**faint**)
I could count em on my Fingers July 17th, 1999
...the number of games illustrated this week, that is. Here they are: Xenogears, Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania, and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. These pictures are fabulous, however. We have a debut of several new artists, as well as a dream-team of RPGamer veterans to wow us today.
Ahem! Ohum! July 2nd, 1999
Hehehe, name the quote! Ah well, anyway, today's my infamous "inappropriate" update; although there's nothing that's too terribly inappropriate, I just wanted to minimize angry fans by warning everyone. ^_^ Only a few are marked, so enjoy today as if nothing were unusual. Nothing at all. Nope. nada. nothing. Noooothing at all.... **whistle whistle**
The Lorelai who Defrocked a Priest June 24, 1999
Today's Fanart Title arose from the question in Ask Lore. Come on in to the Fanart Gallery, some great fanart today by newcomers and veterans alike (I posted everything I didn't last week)...and Lorelai actually explains her crazed obsession with Billy Lee Black! What more could you ask for? =)
That Polygonal Company June 17, 1999
LOTS of work from that Polygonal Company today. I dunno, maybe it's the weather! =)
E x p e r i m e n t June 10, 1999
"Experiment" refers to the way I laid out Fanart this time. I enjoy change and I hope you are too =) Comments are welcome. Note, COMMENTS, not flames. ^_^ Hey i just realized...I'm archiving the updates right here on the page! I don't have to do it separately anymore like i've been planning! Heh, go me!
[ Enter Title Here ] [ Enter Title Here II ] Mid May, 1999
The Two part update that I had to do in order to empty out the maybe box. You might wonder why it's called the MAYBE box when I in fact almost always post them: My answer is, who really cares? ^_^ Art goes up, everyone is happy, we kiss, we schmooze, we shake hands wadda ya say eh? Isn't that what we all want? =)
Sraegonex May 24th, 1999 meaning in the title in particular. Well actually there IS a specific meaning, but it doesn't pertain to this update THAT much. Ah well. I'm not making sense. It's late at night, so sue me...out of both pennies I got in my pocket. No idea what Sraegonex is? Try reading it backwards ^_^
Critique Corner. Finally. May 20th, 1999
Just what the title says: Critique Corner, FINALLY! ^_^ Sorry about the delays in getting CC up, there's actually some more art I wanted to get into Critique Corner but there just wasn't time/space. So, watch for those artworks next time (you artists know who you are.)
Billy Bonanza May 10th, 1999
Uh, the amount of Billy fanart was kinda absurd this week ^_^ Well, I may love Billy and ***drool*** over him a lot, but there are lots of other fanart characters out there that deserve your artistic skills, k? ^_^ Enjoy this update! Haruka says! *hee* (editor's note: if this week's update is too wide for your browser / monitor, open it in a new browser window.)
World...SHAKING! May 3rd, 1999
12 works of awesome, awesome art to shake yer world! Ok, ok, that was lame. But don't ya diss the mistress of Earth and my new co-idol, Ten'ou Haruka. Aiee. She is sooo sekushii. And she gets along with Billy just fine. Hm. Maybe TOO fine.
Old Fashioned Whammy! April 26th, 1999
Whammy of awesome art. DO check it out...very worth your time because (1) all the artists are great, and (2) I rarely ever post 20 works of art at one time. Prepare to be deeeep-submerrrrged in artwork!
Cookie Surprise! April 16th, 1999
Have ya caught on why today's title has to do with cookies? =) Well, if not, don't worry, you can still enjoy the terrific fanart today. Don't forget to e-mail me. ^_^
This Week's Extravaganza April 3rd, 1999
In celebration of Lorelai (finally) finishing the best RPG on earth, today's update is solely dedicated to Xenogears (and in part, Billy Lee Black *drooool*)
Next Week's Extravaganza March 26, 1999
Next week's Theme is Xenogears...As you can tell, native German speaker not I am grammatically because I incorrect am.
Lorelai updates again March 19, 1999
The theme of this week was in Hebrew; some of you got it, gimme your address and I'll ship you a load of my Prozac Cookies...heh, right. I would, honestly, but it takes enough time just to put the update up.
Lorelai empties the Maybe Box March 12, 1999
Because of the steady accumulation of artwork piling up in my "Maybe" Mailbox, I decided to post them all together. They're really not supposed to be classified as Maybe at all; they're all marvelous,and so that's why I've pulled a late nighter today and posted them all. (Lookit all those portraits...^_^;;;) Enjoy!
Bag of Goodiess 1/1 - 3/6, 1999

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