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Vin Lucentai
Title: Vubble of Mana
Game(s): Children of Mana
Characters: Pop
Medium: Digital (Photoshop and Painter)
Fan Art  
Download: [800x800 (164.69k)]
Comment: I was really excited when the characters were unveiled for Children of Mana. Pop's design appears inspired by Popoi and Charlotte! While fun to draw, body proportions of sprite-like characters are hard for me to get down. Since specific locales haven't been unveiled yet (save those in screenshots/the Island as a whole), I drew luminescent bubbles inspired by Planet Vubble in Meteos. I figured the color would suit Pop well! But I didn't think about "pop"ping bubbles until the piece was done…
Title: The Fate of Triangle Island
Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Characters: Zone Eater
Medium: Digital (Photoshop and Painter)
Fan Art  
Download: [1024x768 (177.29k)]
Comment: The Light of Judgement annihilated much of the world, yet our heroes managed to persevere nonetheless. Such victory came at a considerable cost. Little does the party realize that two of the world's treasures were lost forever, and life would never be the same. The Triangle Island is actually much bigger than this, but that size was tough to do from this perspective. The piece was intended to look rather oddball: do YOU know of a beam that displaces water and burns islands?


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