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Title: No One Left Behind
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Cloud, Tifa, Aerith
Medium: Painter 6. Photoshop Elements 2.0
Fan Art OmniArt 2005 Quarter-Finalist
Download: [520x650 (196.52k)]
Comment: After perusing the list of emotions, I ended up deciding on Loyalty. At first, I wasn't all too sure as to what to portray, but eventually I decided to go with this 'possible' scene of Tifa, Aerith and Cloud making a tactical retreat from the Midgar Zolom ^^. Ah, Zolom, how I remember the long hours of chasing after you for Beta, hahaha XD
Title: Echoes From The Past
Game(s): Xenogears
Characters: Margie, Sigurd, Maison, Bart
Medium: Painter 6, Photoshop Elements 2.0
Fan Art OmniArt 2005 Semi-Finalist
Download: [697x750 (197.12k)]
Comment: Yeeaaarrgggg ToT 2 weeks is an evil deadline XD;;; That said, several of the main characters got flashback scenes for references to their past in Xenogears, but Bart and Margie didn't really get an actual -scene-. So I decided to (attempt to) illustrate Margie thinking about (reminiscence! flashback! whee!) when they were both rescued from Shakhan by Sigurd and Maison 12 years ago XD. And on a random parting note, Sigurd is love <3.


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