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Matt McMillan
Title: The Last Esper
Game(s): Final Fantasy VI
Characters: Terra
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art OmniArt 2005 Quarter-Finalist
Download: [1280x1024 (134.51k)]
Comment: I wanted to convey loneliness in an image, so I chose Terra from FFVI who seemed to be struggling to find her place in the game and that she was the last of her kind. To nhance the sense of loneliness I used a blue shadowing, symbolic of sadness/depression and a vast whiten background to show isolation(if it was black, fear might have been the message, since white isn't hostile but it reveals the truth of things). The posture, is that of it seeming like the world is pulling you down even more into your loneliness. And off to the side, almost like a thought from her is the word "alone..." in japanese in a faint sense as if its part of the vastness.


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